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Trying To Find My Way Around This New Site

catwizard's picture
on November 9, 2009 - 7:48pm

Hi Everyone! I am learning to navigate my way around my profile and the new site, as I am sure you all are. I am a little confused about how many photos I can post in my photo album. I thought I had changed my avatar and fixed it, but it still is the same avatar, though I did actually upload the changed one. I know that the moderators of the site have to approve the photos so hopefully everything will turn out right and be posted by tomorrow. I guess it's all going to be a learning process for me/us. I am also figuring out how to re-connect with my FOJG/Twitter/Facebook friends on this new site. Patience, I keep telling myself, patience!

"Where words fail, music speaks."(unknown author)

Andi =^..^=

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