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on May 17, 2015 - 12:15pm

After being a devoted Grobanite for 10 years now, I am very upset and disappointed to find that I can't see Josh on tour for the first time ever! Josh has always come to Phoenix, AZ, where I live, for his major tours. I'm also trained in musical theatre like Josh is and I have been waiting like most of us have for Josh to put out an album of songs from musicals. He finally does, and I can't see him perform them onstage. The closest venue to where I live is Los Angeles. I'm a disabled Iraq War veteran with a chronic pain condition so I can't do the drive to Los Angeles, and I can't afford a plane ticket either--both of those ways of transport would require expeditures for hotel lodging in LA also. I have always wondered how other Grobanites can afford to travel to see Josh in concert in many states, one after the other, throughout the years. It is very expensive, even if you drive and even if you split costs. I actually am still recovering financially from paying for a VIP Package for Josh's last tour so I could simply get a Meet & Greet and a photo taken of Josh and I. I was only able to say a few words to him. I waited almost 10 years for that and I knew if I didn't go into debt and buy that VIP Package, I would never get the opportunity to do a Meet & Greet and have a photo taken with Josh. I know of so many Grobanites who have met Josh for free. I had a supposed Grobanite friend who could have helped me to spend a little time and get some candid, fun photos with Josh at an outside rehearsal at The Hollywood Bowl who knew how much that would mean to me and who let me down and then rubbed it in so I would get upset about it. I will never understand why Grobanites hurt other Grobanites--it happens all of the time. Being a fan of Josh ISN'T a competition. There shouldn't be any of that nor any jealousy among Grobanites.

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