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Concert Canceled-Heart Broken

christyfuchs's picture
on August 14, 2014 - 2:29pm

So I am sitting here at work and decided to look at my home emails only to find out the Scranton, PA show Josh was putting on is canceled. I am beyond heart broken. I found out last Tuesday that my company is doing cut backs and I unfortunately only have a job for another month. I have been with this company since I was 18 (12 years) and this came as a complete shock. We are only allowed to take off so much time within the next month, but I changed around several other things to still be able to make it to see Josh at the end of the month.
The only thing that has really been getting me through each day was to know that I had the concert at the end of this month.
I don't know why the show was canceled and I came on her to find maybe an answer, I thought Josh would apologize and explain, but the info about the Scranton Show is gone as if it never existed.
I am really upset, as I am sure other fans are. I don't need any additional blows right now and I really needed this concert.
Sorry this has seemed very negative. I am just at a loss.

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