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vijaykumar's picture
on July 12, 2011 - 6:08pm

Childbirth pain is very striking and intense kind of pain, when birthing my first baby, it was a terrible experience; but when the second baby comes along, the first experience helps, because i knew it's God's way of bringing a baby into this world and the precious baby will be my very own.

Compare with the osteo artritis knee pain that I'm 'suffering' from, which started about the middle last year, this is not a pain that one would gain. This sort of pain brings misery, and the very end makes one a loser. No one can comfort me, or bring joy to enlighten me how to get out of this predicament. A jab from the doctor only gives me temporary healing. One consolation for this pain is to let me know that I'm alive and my nerves are alive.

If I keeps myself busy learning new things that need the brain to work hard, sometimes, this sort of activity makes the nerves so busy that the pain is bypass, but this is still temporary, doctor's advice about the knee cap is good, just need to build up the muscles area around the knee cap region, again any workout brings about pain again, so pain is gain and no gain.

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