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The night I discovered JG

Computergal1's picture
on December 13, 2012 - 7:28pm

2010 I was sick with a bad case of Hives for several weeks. The meds were not working. Dr tried several different strengths of Steroids for several months without any cessation. Off to bed one night and with much discomfort I tuned on PBS. Sleepy and groggy I watched and thought ugh another boy singer...'When i am down and oh my soul so weary.....You raise me up....'I listened for a second or two and began to fall asleep. Upon awakening in the am I thought, was I dreaming or did someone lull me to sleep. I jumped out if bed to ck TV listings for the night before 'Hit Man'. I searched until I found the young man with the oh so comforting voice was Josh. That's when looked to find a new doctor. I was put on meds again, this time with doctor who finally hit on a treatment and cured me. It took several months to hit upon the right course of treatment. Thank you, Josh, for helping me realize that I had to keep going until help was found. 'Don't Give Up'.

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