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Boston Concert 7/26/11

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on August 1, 2011 - 7:55pm

Josh’s concert in Boston was spectacular. I always enjoy myself and get to spend time with wonderful people. That is one of the things I am most grateful for. I meet so many kind people at these concerts. I heard people say last night, how great Grobies really are multiple times, but there is no way to really understand it, other than to experience it, so thank you for everyone that was there.

The set list was the same as other shows, and some of Josh’s banter was the same, but there were some moments of the night and show that truly stood out to me. I hope no one minds if I share about them here.

I was lucky enough to share a hotel room with Jo, who is visiting from Australia. She and I have talked on the boards for almost four years, having met through Raise 27. It was so great to get to meet her. (We also later met Turid who is visiting from Norway and also part of the Raise 27 family! – but more on that later!). After checking into the hotel and getting ready (It is a process for Josh concerts ha ha!) we left to go to the restaurant The Fours which is where the meet and greet before hand was going to be.

When we walked in the door, I heard someone call my name and looked up and it was Turid! I was so, so excited to finally meet another person from the boards. My ancestors came from Norway, it is my dream to go to Norway, and I made her teach me some Norwegian…though I do not think I was very good :) Also at the restaurant was Eric, who came to the states with Turid. There was also Danielle, who arranged the meet and greet and Danielle’s friend came later. I want to say her name was Brittany, but I may be mistaken. They were wonderful girls and I wish Danielle a lot of luck for Monday! Gayle and Mary Ellen were also there and had great stories from all there Josh adventures! Later during the meal, Katie came with her family. It was great to meet her! She was so excited because she won a meet and greet pass, and although I have never had a meet and greet (YET ha ha) I have met Josh so I understood her eager anticipation. Her family was lovely!

After eating we went over to the arena, scoped out where the buses were (more on that later). Then some of us got on line for the Gold and Front row ticket VIP event. I was really pleased with how this was organized because we also got our concert tickets when we checked in for this. After checking in, we were escorted in small groups and could pick to go to a private merchandise booth (if we wanted) and then go to the food and mingling. Jo and I went to the booth and I kind of went to town, but had saved up so it was okay! Very pleased with my purchases! Then in the actually reception we received the lovely tote, the water bottle, and lanyard. It was so nice to talk to everyone and I got to meet Tanya as well as reunite with other great ladies I met in the past.

After a while we went down to our seats. I was Section B, Row Four and the piano was right in front of me. We mingled before the show, I got to meet the awesome family who sat next to me (see pfoot’s post above) and talk with everyone. My seat neighbors were so kind and it was so great to see Josh bring such joy to Carmen’s face. Leslie’s husband also let me squeeze by when Josh was running by so I also got to touch him twice :)

When ELEW came on, he gave a fantastic performance. He is so funny! I loved his facial expressions and the way he got into the music.

Then Josh! Josh is what we were waiting for! As I said, he gave a stellar performance!

Some highlights:

One of my favorite parts was described in my post about the Bells of New York City video. Just to copy it here with my report: After complimenting Boston and discussing how he liked the city, he began to talk about how he just moved to New York. He asked if there were any real Bostonians in the audience and there many, many cheers! Then he asked if there were any New Yorkers and there were actually quite a few screams (myself included since I originate from there and go back quite frequently!) It was so funny because Josh said that the New Yorkers better watch out and then there was a really loud bang (there was a terrible storm outside and I think it was thunder.) Josh did this little fake duck and said, "Was that a gun shot!!??" with a fake expression of terror on his face. Too bad I did not get that part, but then he sat down and began to play.

I see people already posted about the couple he brought up on stage and how she took video of Josh, but he was funny when he was looking for a couple to bring up. There was a couple in the second row that been married for over forty years and he stopped and talked to them for a very short bit and told them how wonderful that was, but then said something along the lines of, “You’re already in the second row, so I’m gonna go back there and look for somebody else!”

When looking for the single lady he started singing Beyonce’s song, but after one verse, he went really low and sang in the same tune “I don’t know any other words!”

Thank you to the other people around me who actually got up and danced! It was how I wanted to spend the show, how I wanted Josh to see us, and I wanted to move with the music, especially “Weeping” and “Machine,” so I think we did Josh proud!

This was my first show on the Straight to You Tour, so I was so excited to finally be a part of the You Raise Me Up sing-a-long! What a moment…but then unfortunately, the show has to end.

After the show we went outside. The security for the Garden was not very nice, but everyone pretty much ignored them. When were standing waiting, all of a sudden a SUV pulled out, and ELEW was in the back seat. He was waving and I was right up front so I did a ROAR and he was so cute and did it back with a smile!

As we were waiting, the members of the band started to walk by. Everybody was so nice, said hello, and thanked us for coming. One thing that stood out to me about them though, in a really good way that was kind of humbling and cute – they were all carrying their own instruments and most of them were in their pajamas. I think this is great! It shows not only how important their music is and they are so comfy with everything!

Darren was the best though! He came to tell us that Josh would not be able to sign, but then he stayed and talked to people for a while. He took messages for Josh, took pictures and talked to us about his daughters and one of his daughter’s jobs. Darren left for a little while, but then he came back over and it was so funny. By this point, the crowd had really dwindled and there were maybe twenty of us there. He spoke a little lower so the mean TD Garden parking security could not hear him and said, “I’m sorry guys, but I need to get you to leave. They’re fussing with me to get you out of here and most people don’t fuss with me” (smile) “I’m sorry Josh couldn’t come out, but have a good night.”

The expression on Darren’s face when he said about people fussing with him was priceless!

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