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Mohegan Sun - Uncasville, CT 7/30/11

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on August 1, 2011 - 8:00pm

Josh’s concert on July 30, at Mohegan Sun was the first time I ever had front row tickets to a concert. The anticipation I’ve felt since March was great, and I had a blast, even if security was mean. I got to be with great people, see people I’ve known from the boards, and make new Grobie friends and for that I am very thankful!

This concert was very bittersweet for me in a way and I cried a little bit during “You Raise Me Up.” I am at a period of a lot of change in my life and although I was looking forward to the concerts I went to very much, this concert is the last one I am going to until November. Therefore, I knew that after this concert all the change was going to come. I am moving in a week and I am okay with it, and have moved before, but this is going to be the first time I am living all alone, so I am kind of scared. Honestly, I’d been putting that thought out of my mind, but now it is coming at me hard. Also, this concert was bittersweet because I was able to share it with my Grobie friends, but especially my friend Jo from Australia and Turid from Norway. We have talked on the boards for practically four years and this was the very first time we met face to face. I’m not quite sure when we will get to see each other again, but it was really great to get to have a multi-continent meet up! Also, this concert was the four year anniversary to the exact day of the first time I saw Josh in concert. On July 30, 2007 I saw Josh right here in Mohegan Sun Arena for the Awake tour!

There is so much else to say about this show. First, the induction ceremony: It was short and a little crazy, but I am glad I was there for this moment for Josh! There are some things that do not get a lot of publicity but we still know about on the boards, so this was fun to see! I like to go to Mohegan (not just to gamble LOL) and walk by the Walk of Fame a lot, so it will be nice to always see Josh’s star! At the ceremony, they had people from Mohegan talk about Josh and how he qualified for being on the Walk of Fame – to qualify celebrities need to have five sold out shows in the arena. They laid down a blanket on the floor and then had Josh come out and he gave his acceptance/thank you speech and then they had him lift the blanket up and his plaque was underneath there. The photographers and videographer they hired will make a video that will go up on the Mohegan Sun Website under the Entertainment tab, but that usually takes a couple of weeks.

Then, the VIP reception was great. The food was awesome (loved those chicken skewers!) and we had a great conversation at our large table! I was also psyched that someone at our table won in the raffle! (YAY Christine!).

The trouble I had with security was that they took my poster. I made a small sign that I planned to hold in my lap when Josh wasn’t singing, but only talking to the audience, that said “Please sing Feels Like Home.” When I was going in the girl tried to take it away but the boss said it was okay. Well, when I was in my seat later and put it on my lap when Josh was talking, a guard came over and made it go away. Whatever. The concert was a blast. I was upset that they were yelling at people around me about videos and I feel bad for people who got their cameras taken away, but the show was still a real blast.

As a local Language Arts teacher, I was beyond thrilled to find out that Writer’s Block Ink was the arts association selected by Josh! Although I do not work with them directly, I am aware of them and their efforts!

When we were waiting for the show to start, I wanted to take my picture by the stage. Jo and I were sitting together, so I asked her to take it, but my camera was not on the right setting so I went to help her. After checking the camera, I backed up to the stage and who was walking by, but Darren. Opppss….bumped into Darren, but he was great :) He said “Hi again,” since we just saw him at Boston and then walked back stage. Well he came back two minutes later with his arms full of these little blue gift bags. He looks at us and gives this little shrug and says, “I went shopping!” It was cute!

ELEW gave another great performance and was extra funny tonight. It seemed to me that he played a few extra tunes, but I am not sure. The audience responded really well to him! The couple sitting next to me was talking about how good he was!

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Josh brought audience members on stage. As some of you may know the girls in the awesome Nerds shirts were Shannon (from our boards) and her sister. Josh started talking about how he flirts and he did this gangsta/ghetto little talk about how he walks up to a girl and shakes her hand.

A special moment was during the sing along for “You Raise Me Up.” At the very last line of the song, right before Josh sang “to more than I can be” the audience went especially wild cheering and Josh just had this huge smile and you could especially see how it touched him. I am glad that everyone was participating in the sing along. Only a couple of people danced, myself included as the crazy girl in the front row, but everybody pulled their weight on this part! Funny story about dancing though. As I was walking out of the arena, an old woman (who is not on the boards), stopped me and said, “You were that dancing girl in the front row!!!! You looked like you were having so much fun!” I was!!! I even got a smile and eyebrow raise from Josh while I was doing it.

So a wonderful night in my home state of Connecticut! Thank you Josh and thank you to everyone who I got to spend time with : )

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