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Concert at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich.

craftydar's picture
on July 17, 2011 - 6:52am

I went to see Josh last night at the Palace. It was a fantastic show!! Josh sang for 2 hours & did 2 encore songs. There was a great pianist Eric Lewis, who played for a 1/2 hour to warm-up. Josh began at 9:00. I loved the interaction he did with the audience, walking through the aisles, chit-chatting with everyone, replying to e-mails (he replied to 3). Josh is a real charmer!! He brought up a couple on stage so the man could propose marriage to his girlfriend. He sang the national anthem with a little 3 year old boy. Too cute!! He also used a smaller stage in the middle of the arena, amongst the floor audience, twice. I thought that was great!! Josh sang a lot from his new CD, plus many of my fav older songs. Of course, I have so many favorite songs of his he couldn't sing them ALL. I had a pretty good seat but, wish I could have sat down on the floor where he walked among the audience. All in all a great show, and well worth it!! I love Josh!!

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