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All Hail the New Year!

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on December 31, 2009 - 4:32pm

Hello guys! How is everyone? Well I hope! Can you believe the New Year is here again? Time has really flown!

As you may have noticed from my postings I'm still on my trip so I won't rehash those details. I did go see Alvin and the Chipmunks-The Squeakquel and of course it was cute. Theodore was only theodorable! lol And the Chipettes were very cute as well. Which reminds me...which chipmunk are you? I also went to see the new musical Nine directed by Rob Marshall (who did Chicago). It's basically about an Italian filmaker (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) who is having a midlife-crisis and the various women in his life. I actually thought it was good but I wouldn't consider it fun considering the deep subject matter but the musical was really good. Not to mention that Penelope Cruz and Fergie were muy caliente! LOL

As for the New should be interesting! I feel like 2009 was just a prelude for things to come. Now that I finally have a cell phone, a working computer, and a new electric wheelchair maybe next year will be better for me. I even have have enough money saved for the next time Josh comes to San Antonio on tour so that's a blessing. Trust me it took a lot of time and determination to save that much but I did it.

Well, I need to run. Have a fun night and take care!

BTW Josh, if you happen to read this please say hello to your family for me and give Sweeney a big hug. I hope both your night and your New Year are fabulous for you!

Happy New Year Everyone! Roger

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