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Ho Ho Ho!

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on December 26, 2009 - 12:28pm

Hello Everyone! was your Christmas? What did you do and what did you get? Mine went really well. It started with the usual family pictures being taken and went from there...As far as gifts are concerned I did receive an assortment of movie posters (which thankfully I get every year!). I find them to be a nice way to decorate my place plus I'm a collector anyway. I also received some dvds: Barbra Streisand-Timeless (which is her in concert), The Backstreet Boys-Never Gone (which is a collection of videos and behind the scenes footage from their album), and Abba-The Definitive Collection (which is a compilation of their videos). For dinner we ate grilled steak, baked potato, green beans, spiced apples and cherry pie. My mom also fixes something called Heavenly Hash which is basically pistachio pudding, pinapple,coconut,nuts, whipped cream, and marshmellows. If anyone wants the actual recipe I can send it to you Via Messages.
BTW, I did go see The Princess and the Frog and it was a fun Disney movie. I also saw New Moon and that was (not surprisingly) a good movie. After all, I couldn't come back into town without having seen it! I also had to laugh the first time Jacob took off his shirt because the girls in the audience started "oooing"! LOL As for myself, no comment! LOL!
Well, I have to run so have a fabulous day!

Big grobie hugs, Roger

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