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Josh on Ally McBeal...

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on February 27, 2010 - 12:38pm

I had just rented and watched Josh's prom episode on Ally McBeal last night and it must have had quite an effect on my subconscious. BTW, I will never forget the look on Ally's face while she was watching him sing on the stage at his prom. I will never be able to hear You're Still You again without thinking about it.

Anyway, the next day I had quite a dream...Having seen the episode my dream completely revolved around high school. The first part revolved around a rumor that Josh was going to be at my high school. I wasn't sure if it was true but I was excited nonetheless. Not only was it true but (unfortunately) I spent the whole time trying to keep people from tell him how I felt. Apparently, they thought it would be funny to embarrass both of us. Anyway, I believed I had succeeded.

The second part had him giving the prize of a "full fledged" prom package to a male student who had just won a dozed roses (for his date, of course!) and a limo ride to and from the prom. I was so happy for the winner. He wasn't a jock or anything obvious like that. He was more of a "math geek" than anything else. And he had a beautiul date who was wearing a long silk white dress and looked absolutely radiant.

Anyway, as I was watching him being driven away I heard a voice overhead say "these are for you". And with that Josh handed me a bouquet of red and white roses! On the back I did read Hallmark and Best Regards, Josh Groban. There was more written on the back but I was already sobbing too hard to read the rest. I did say "how did you know" and he said "a little bird told me".

Happy Josh dreams everyone! Roger

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