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I sang with Josh!

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on October 29, 2011 - 11:41pm

Tonight at the Orlando show there was a number posted on the banners to ask Josh Groban a question. I sent a text saying "Hi! I am a voice major at Rollins College and a dream of mine is to sing a duet with you. Will my dream come true someday?" The spot light found me and Josh made fun of how I stood up so fast. He then added..."Wow I like how you said someday instead of today. It makes me seem like the bad guy. Congratulations i didnt get into Rollins. If we make it tonight can you bring it?" I of course said yes! He came down to the middle of the arena and he helped me up the stairs I was acting like a goofball taking a bow already and Josh liked it and said "you ARE a voice major" I responded letting him know that i was a former theatre major. He looked at me and said "you were theatre before? that all makes sense" haha then he gave me a Fiji water and said he wished it was spiked! The Prayer was suggested to be sung but me being a silly head dont remember the words! soooo we sang happy birthday to a woman named Cameron. We started singing, he held the mic to my mouth so i had a little solo then when it came to Happy birthday dear Cameron...he sang holly! i stopped and gave him a funny look....Josh handed me the mic and ran away! The audience laughed. I turned to Cameron and said "I apologize Cameron...Shenanigans!" there was more laughter. Josh then said finish the damn song so i did...but on the wrong note! haha (how embarrassing! I promise I really can sing! Opera even haha) so i stopped and made a funny face, then Josh ran in for the rescue to sing the last word then i chimed in with a high note (which i did in fact hit) it was amazing! I am so blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to do this! It was a dream come true. I still feel like it was a dream! Now, I must work harder and faster to finish my music degree so I can sing professionally with Josh! I am such a big fan, Josh is amazing and I look up to him greatly. There are no words to describe how I feel. In the spring I am doing a service immersion in the bahamas, through Rollins, to teach music to special needs children (that is if i can get the funds i need to go) and I now have an amazing story to share with the children!

I am going to try and upload the video my mother took. I hope it works and I hope I can get in contact with someone about getting the pictures the show photographers took...if they took any. I hope y'all enjoyed my story!

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