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Pittsburgh concert

Darlene602's picture
on August 7, 2011 - 6:25am

This was my 4th Josh concert. Not this tour but total! I have taken my daughter Mikayla to 2 of them so far and we will be going to the Phoenix concert soon. I am so hoping to win M&G for that concert so she can meet him. I would love to surprise her with that. She and I love him so much! Pittsburgh was awesome as all of them have been anyway. I love that he really engages the audience more now. He also remarked about NJ being grabby! I hope at the Phoenix concert there will be Grobies up dancing to Weeping and Machine. We have floor seats but not at the end of the row. I'm thinking to ask someone if they would be willing to trade seats with me and my daughter because I want to get up and dance!

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