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Friday Night Lights!!

diane.hayden's picture
on February 11, 2011 - 4:44pm

Happy Friday Everyone!! It's been a very windy week here in SoCal! I don't think my lips or my skin can take much more of this!! LOL! I also want to say Happy valentine's Day Weekend to all you LoveBirds out there in Grobanland!! For romantic music we certainly don't have go very far, right?? What's your fave JG love song? MInes? Uh, let me think here...oh, I know-how about "My Confession"!!? The L.S. that makes me cry & that I cannot listen to is "Awake", for obvious reasons(my deceased husband). Anyway, I also bought one of my BFF's the Awake DVD/CD for her B'Day!! I know she's gonna love it! Oops I Gotta go now-Have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO! Diane

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