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4Ever Mine!

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on July 25, 2012 - 1:09am

You, my only life
You, my only heart
Inside how many hearts will you beat
You, my only breath
You, my only sun
In how many eyes will you shine

You remember yesterday
I have not escaped
From a pain that you won't see again
Thank you for the honor
Thank you for the love
And for all the love you gave me
And most of all
For these dreams of mine
That live with us

You are forever mine
You who know
How I was yesterday
You who already wanted me
You're forever mine
You who were there
A voice in the darkness
Saying: I am here for you

You, my only light
You who gives me voice
You who brings hope to my days
You who colors all my thoughts
Without you I wouldn’t know how to dream

You alone are my life
You alone are my heart
What I am I would give you
Inside a song
You alone will find
A little of the love you have for me
And most of all
In these dreams of mine
T hat you have given us

You're forever mine
You who know
How I was yesterday
You who already wanted me
You're forever mine
And I am here
No longer in the dark
To tell you: I'm here for you

4ever mine if you desire
4ever you will have me
4ever US

Written by Guido and Maurizio DeAngelis

Tu mia sola vita, tu mio solo cuore
Dentro quanti cuori batterai,
Tu mia sola aria, tu mio solo sole
Dentro quanti occhi brillerai.

Ti ricordi ieri non uscivo fuori
Da un dolore che non rivedrai,
Grazie per l'onore, grazie per l'amore
E per tutto il bene che mi dai,
E specialmente sai, per questi sogni miei
Che vivono con noi.

Sei mia per sempre, tu che lo sai
Com'ero ieri, tu che mi volevi gia.
Sei mia per sempre, tu che eri la,
Voce nel buio dicevi: per te sono qua.
Tu mia sola luce, tu che mi dai voce,
Tu che dai speranza ai giorni miei,
Tu che mi colori tutti i miei pensieri,
Senza te sognare non saprei.

Vita mia tu sola, solo tu mio cuore,
Quel che sono ti regalerei,
Dentro una canzone troverai da sola
Un puo di quel bene che mi vuoi
E specialmente sai in questi sogni miei
Che hai regalato a noi,
Sei mia per sempre, tu che lo sai
Com'ero ieri, tu che mi volevi gia
Sei mia per sempre e sono la,
Non piu nel buio, per dirti
Per te io sono qua.

Per sempre mia tu sei vorrai,
Per sempre tuo mi avrai,
Per sempre noi.

This is what I see...

***** The phantom of angelic voice
collides in waves of water and blue skies...
The song of old upon many waters
The gentle gliding of lyrics upon the vines...
The faint image of one beloved
Cascading shades of black and white

A song endures the test of time
Two souls lost in translation
When only love survives the darkest flight
of worldly vains and endless stripes

There she sings upon the shadows of his grace
The song leads the beat of aching hearts
Reaching forth on every soul
Yearning for love unquenched of solitude

The wind of change
The tears runneth forth like rivers
Dew upon the starry eyes of lovers
Longing for a gentle carress

Expressions of beauty upon skies of changing colors
He sings the song she humms
Lyrics carries her soul to life...
He caresses the piano and feels her soul divine

She dances upon the wind of invisible essence of
his shadow and glorious voice with angels touch
He recites the lyrics of her soul longing for his love...

Her hair afloats upon the skies,
Her dance upon the depth of watery streams
The valleys and hills carries her rhyme
If only to reach him in time...

For only faith calms the heart...
Only hope brings forth a smile upon many tears...
Only love endures...
Only love redeems...
Only love lives forever
Only love unites the souls

You Only Love Once...
Upon a Time Divine....

Lover of my soul...

P.S. "I sing to breath your love despite the strain in my heart. My voice breaks the sadness in my heart."

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