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All I Jew Yah!

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on April 3, 2012 - 4:39am

I woke up with this note..."All "Ahh" Jew! YEAH!" All are Jew Yeah! Alllllleeeee UUUU Yahhh!
And all these things shall be Added unto Jew...Alll Ehhh Uhhh Alll are Jew Yeah!

Mr. Post Man is Jesus!

He was at the Off - Ease!
"Eli! Eli! Lama Sabachtani!"
translated as...
"God! God! Why have you forsaken Me?"
Adele Song: " I can Hold Jew for a Million Years to Make Jew Feel My Love!"
Fr.Ank Sin A trae: " I did it My Way!"

Eli = Itself or ascend in Hebrew or My God but if you break it down it's El! I! in English it means El is "I."

He said..."El! I! El! I Why have you (the world) 4 saken Meehh!"

El is El Should Die for all to see on the cross I fix Zion!
I - Den - T (cross) "I" F(ather) Y(HVH) = Identify
Awe Torah T (cross)= Author + TY = Thank You!

Post man = Mail Man = Male Man = mail the Man to the people.
Zip Code = Zion = Z = Z "I" On!
P. O. Box(cross) Post Man (crucifixion) delivered the message on the cross...
Flag Pole... White linen on the post
INRI is a stamp Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum =
Ebonics " Ahhh! En Eere!" (I in Here)

Flags are Red, White, Blue and Black depicting Crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was turned into a flag for all to see...Post Man!

Now after the crucifixion..."Can't touch this!" MC Hammer

Tel Avis and Zion = Television
Box office = Box off Ease!
Box Off "I" Cee Eeeh!
Jesus was the gift.
Wad djew Looking at?

All mails are crossing the streets and avenue. St. and Avenue or Saints and "Our Father" = Avenuu! "

Rock Rega! Rock Regal = Wait a minute

Spy Jew Man! Spy Jew Man! Here's the friendly Neighbor Spy Jew Man...
The net is the shawl and the threads are the tassles of the tzi tzi...
Now we know who spider man is! SP "I" There Man! "haning UP there on post office! Djew See Me now? Djew don't? It's up to djew!

All I Jew Yeah!

(All I need is a blackenese accent to do this Stand Up Come Eddie.)

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