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Ally - ET 4 fun

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on September 7, 2012 - 12:57am

The Story of Ally

Corine, Lara Lei, Maduri and Mai are all brainstorming the puppetry skit they have going.

Lara Lei, " Okay I think we need to back up and start out why Ally got kicked out of the Cupid Mission on Earth...There has to be a good reason why she was a brat and a some serious damage to the inhabitants of planet Earth!"

Corine, "Simple! Leila as you can see Ally is was a cupid but she started shooting the wrong people with her arrows. Too many wrong matches are happening and the people are having scandals!"

Mai, "Like Republicans and Liberals falling in love or criminals and saints falling in love?"

Corine, " Mai are you calling the republicans criminals?"
Mai, "I mean saints and criminals...Look it's not being political I mean Romeo and Juliet probably shouldn't fall in love you know what I mean!"

Maduri, "Or perhaps Ally was shooting arrows on two boys and girls and causing them to be homosexuals!"

Corine, "That is so crazy...It's a fantastic idea! Ally is clumsy and she was trying to make things better for the people on Earth but she overused her power and the wrong people fell in love and have children or none! She was trying to stop them from fighting but shot the poorly. Then the scandals ended up happening and the cupids are all arguing over their best matches getting lost in the shuffle!"

Maduri, "Ally got really defensive and tried to correct the problem only to make more of the people in love with multiple partners and the cycle continues...Cupids started shooting back and forth and the Grand Cupid stepped in to correct the mistakes!"

Lara Lei, "Girls not trying to be political but I don't think it's gonna be okay if people are told two men and women are wrong to fall in love!"

Corine, "Leila it's just not in the grand plan...perception is perception. It's like Pretty Woman...Does it really make sense for a rich man to fall in love with a hooker? Everyone loves the movie but I'm sure she's not a woman he should bring home to mama!"

Lara Lei, "Corine you are so judgemental. What about a hippy gay man shouldn't fall in love with rich good looking old man!"

Maduri, "Are there hippy gay men?"

Corine, "Have you ever seen a gay baby? I mean how do they look like Maddy!"

Maduri, "OK let's just get back with the story and cut through the chase! So Bratty Ally ended up in the detention over poor marksmanship and all the people on Earth lost order. Let's just say they got infatuated and lustful and Cupidity is to blame!"

Corine, "Ally went into her castle cloud room and was really depressed. She refused to eat the musical keebles and would not join the cupids for their certifications."

Maduri, "You mean the cupids have a license of some sort and Ally failed the marksmanship testing...Was she smoking weed?"

Corine, " Shut up Maddy...let's get serious!"

Mai, "I know! Ally was in love with another cupid and lost her train of thought! She was staring at his picture but refuse to admit she was in love with another cupid...She was in love and He was too popular to notice her...Wait I don't think cupids should have sexual tension but perhaps a sensual tension!"

Maduri, "Like Ms. Lee and the Principal!"

Leila, " I thought it was just me but do you think they have something going on behind close doors in the office?"

Mai, "Hmmm...I knew it! There was something funny about the way she breaths when he is around!"

Corine, "Girls we better not make a suggestion that the Story of Ally is about Ms. Lee she's gonna flunk us!"

Maduri, "Look the story is just a canvas... If they see themselves in it it's even better! It's got a moral to the story!"

Leila, "So Ally was so depressed and did not eat and one morning she stumbled into a pot of food and tasted the keebles...It was not the musical keebles that cupids eat for singing but pet food!"

Maduri, " What does pet got to do with cupids?"

Leila, "Catch up Maduri and read the lines. Pets have guardian angels and the cupids in heaven train those pet angels so they will be cute and cuddly!"

Maduri, "All you Christians are so funny! Bagabad Gita has never mention pets in Heaven...All animals are gods too you know!"

Mai, "I always thought Ganesh looks really cute!"

Maduri," OK let's get back to work here! I will tell you about that story later."

Mai, "So I want the cupids to have a formal dining hall and theater class for gathering. I can envision sugar baths, marshmallow baths, honey baths to rehabilitate Ally with the Old bunny Jean! We need to have a good reason why she developed her tail!"

Leila (Lara Lei), "I read that part already loud and clear. Ally ate the pet keebles and got sick. The next day she notice a tail and tried to cover it up. She was walking backwards to the Cupid Hall wearing her blue pampers and a hula skirt! The Grand Cupid and the cupid class noticed that she was hiding something and the tail got bigger and bigger! The Grand Cupid goes, 'What is going on with you back? Ally denies she did anything and the tail got bigger! Ally begged to loose the tail and promised she will be good again! Ally - 'I will do anything you want Grand Cupid just remove this hideous tail!'

Maduri, " Say the pets and the cupids were so fascinated with her tail that they were all laughing! Ally was mortified and begged. Grand Cupid refused to grant her wish until she change her attitude. She ran back to her room swishing her tail to remove it but failed. Old Bunny Jean tried to fix the problem. Ally found out Old Bunny Jean ended up coloring her tail with glitters and sugar frostings! "

Leila, " That's funny! Ally goes, "Bunny Jean is it off?" She looks and started screaming and crying! The bunny consoled her to learn to love her new self! Her new tail is now the talk of the Cuppetic Sphere!

Maduri, "So Ally was in charge of the pet grace class and innovations! Ally's tail was out of control and tends to knock out baskets and eggs for Easter. Her tail would knock out dancers and musicians. She is oblivious to her powerful tail.

To be continued

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