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Animal Detective

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on February 5, 2011 - 10:07am

Day O' Date is a Samoan canine who is narrating the story of the global League of Animals for A better World.

A major crackdow in the drug industry is underway via animals networking on the air and on the grounds. The pigs are knows who are extracting Uranium for Nuclear power!

The Kangaroos are witnessing the drug trafficking by the shores.

The cats are blogging about slavery and human trafficking on every region in South America and Eastern Europe.

The dogs are sniffing all the cocaine in trash and peoples homes. The rats are getting high!

The birds - peace be upon them are victims of ingesting left over coccaine left on shores. The fishes too have died in vain after nibbling on "white food" particles in the Gulf of Mexico.

The clams have established a network to map out the intruders under water extracting waste products and best of all drug leaks.

The oil industries are bribed to carry with them drugs for distribution. The Old mafia hand shake has promised money and luxury to many compromising corporate leaders. The fishes inside the fishtanks are well aware of the situation!

Dogs in South America developed an underground meeting place to develop ideas on how to help their masters survive the land sequestering and death treats by the paramilitaries.

The women and children eating meagerly in their homes where the Drug Lords are their hero's for having given them food every day and ample health care! These Drug Lords are Peter Pan in their eyes! But little did they know these druglords are wolves and the families their prey.

Cocaine harvest in Columbia are one of the best and Columbian workers are top of the line in punctuality and work! They are better than Mexicans who love siesta's and tamales. Coca plant chewing gives them the high they just need to keep it up! Coca plant chewing is not dangerous but Cocaine of which the farm produce is processed with Petrolium and cement for paste. Placed in back pack and delivered for a good chuck of money to the next team of unidentified traffickers with nick names like "Mijo", "Paco", "Dato." The dogs keep a eye on their Master's and their family and follows them around despite the dangerous trek to deliver the goods to the dealers. The birds are well aware of the transaction below them in the forest! The birds are unfortunately curious enough to try some when drops are left on the ground from back pack!

The cocaine paste are then delivered by the distributors or drug traffickers into the labs. These labs have cats and fishes in a tank that are observing the transformation of paste to powder from a delicate procedure in the chemistry lab. many of the Chemist are searched out each day for any foul play. The fouls are watching them from the outside window tainted with paint.

Many politicians are in cahoot! The owls are aware of all their sneaky acts in congress to pass a law to prevent detection of secretive codings of the druglords. The squirrels are witnessing the periodic hackling and whisphers of dealers on the streets and byways. Beneath the rocks they are gathering information to send to the spider web of knowledge!
Death tolls of the animal kingdom are being recorded by the Owls on dark nights!

The cats and birds of Afghanistan and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are documenting the transaction of the Islamic extremist plotting out the next shipment and money arrival from drug money that fuels their tanks and materials for explosives are bought along with artillery for guns and weapons. A King whose name unknown directs highly sophisticated organizers with a knack for secret orgazations and Master Schematics allow the flow of money. The goal is to poison the hearts and minds of the free world! Western hatred runs through their veins as they play the modern Opium War on Europe, Asia, America and Israel.

Master tactitians main difficulties are the rise in social networking among animals and the technology of hacking is making their data unsecured along with fear of being betrayed by their own colleagues.
These men like kings live in Castles and travel with jet planes. They mingle with top notch Jews and Christians all around the world posting as philantrophists or savvy business men. They sponsor politicians and send their children to private schools. They are the real life two-face! Gentle eyes and butcher hands.

The weather has not been kind to the drug traffickers and the harvest had been meager unlike before. The animals are sending pleas to the one above for grace and the answers are swiftly being answered!

Still the death toll is on the rise as the humans are behind in detected the true evil chain within these drug lord's and terrorist partners. Together they get out of the taxes and aim to not be detected with submarines and jet planes that gets past customs!

They join the Hollywood affairs along with their fancy dogs and buy their Prada! They - the "King" mingle with Christians and Jews but they are loyal only to themselves. "The chosen people and christians are feeding off our hands! They are poisoning themselves for we are truly the heros of humanity who dare not cower to their ways!"

Day O' the dog narrates...
These Kings are guests in many Hollywood Grammy's and prey on innocent and attention seeking Stars whose innocence and charm will be defaced by the drugs! "But let me assure you fame will not leave them till they die," says the King pin. "I the king along with my concubines will always feed off their fame and keep our profits high!" The King continues, "We control the media, the gossips and the commercials. They will never figure us out!" They are promised with luxury, jewelry and endless cocaine! They are given the best lawyers and clot manipulators. The King exclaims, "These celebrities are parasites who do not know what they are eating! Poison it is and they love it! It tears down their vowels yet they eat it! It kills their mind and steals their health yet they want more! I am only giving them their hearts desire! Soon their kingdome is mine! The world is mine! Look at my people in this place far across the US! I have them as slaves in linnen outfits and they are contented by my rituals and ever consumating snake! They are my vermins I make them lay their eggs and hatch my desires of revenge all across the world! I own this world!"

Only those whose association is not tinted with drugs will survive. The rehabs are their enemies and they profit from their fame. Many stars don't know them by name but some sees them as their greatest mentor. It will take much suffering for many to learn and the ravages of drugs takes a toll on their true love of the One who truly loves them.

All the animals are familiar with the Man in white Robe who pastors the land and feeds the animal. This Man in Robe is a good friend of Day O the dog! The Man in Robe enters places he is invited and brings beauty in their eyes beyond imagination. Day O is in fact the only dog who sees rainbow but someday with his story telling many more will be like him in the Animal Kingdom.

Day O' depends on his master the woman at the well who feeds him and gives him water. His happiness depends upon this woman and out of love Day O is determined to free all of human's mind for the sake of this woman at the well who attends to him.

Day O' the dog's heart sinks as he wants his beloved master to life a glorious life free from drug infestations and acts of terrorism. He knows that by telling the story to the kingdom and beyond the sound of the Paradise Birds will come along way for all animals and most especially people to hear!

Day O' explaines, "Sometimes things get worst before they get better! I will gather up the animals for the Supper of an ever enduring knowledge of the unknown into full light! This has got to stop for the sake of our Master's life and the beauty they can create with the infestation of the Evil King parading as a hero among many ballrooms and theaters! They shall be found naked to reveal all the vermins and maggots they truly are made of!"

Kabbala and Free-masonry are highly infected with many of the drug dealings by terrorist. They fund their ballrooms and give them cakes of cocaine along with private Physicians. They have cats spoiled to piesces they are the possessed kittens who will deter the rest of the animal kingdom from their task of enlightening their masters from ill health and ill mindedness in their society.

The only way to keep the celebrities away from harm is the music from the blessed Bird of Paradise who wards of evil and disease from the flocks and people. Few discovers it's magic but the animal kingdom is gaining momentum to sponsor the Paradise Bird of Life on the air and bridges of rainbows.

Animals getting high and animals dying are concerning the Animal kingdom in which case data input in the Spider's Web of Spy is underway to produce leaks into the secret coding and trafficking of drugs from South America to the US.

To be continued...

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