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Are the Kids crying yet?

EstherT1's picture
on March 6, 2011 - 2:03pm

Now I know why your songs make us cry! I'm driving the gays crazy right now but I will keep going till they crack! It would be quicker than the muslims! The Jews need to be strong and unite and tell it like it is!

Diplomacy does not work for any muslims and what works for them is when people tell them the truth of the Bible and be persistent as they are loud and persistent. We have to be louder and bolder and sweeter when they start to receive! Singing is better because they will accept words on songs if flat out preaching does not work. All these have to happen on all fronts. The media need to see people speak out the truth and be strong. The Lord is cracking the whip on all these drug dealers, sorcerers and gays if we don't get to them. The moment the Lord turns around - the enemy will come strong to reap them and cause chaos. The disasters are the work of the evil one and they are lashing because people are now turning their back against the Lord and evil wants them in hell before they repent.

Our stocks will continually go down until the Lord sees Americans are coming back to their identity. Mass refugees from Africa and Middle East will come and we better be ready to teach them the truth or else they will continue with the Koran to kill and maim for Allah! Gays and sorcery impedes Holy Spirit!

You will make it big and there is no doubt about it! People need a place to cry and sing! These celebrities who have gone far will make testimonies about the Lord before it's too late. Revival or Holocaust will happen. I predict revival for we are in Revelation time! Mecca has to empty out before the Lord comes and kill them all. I don't know the number of years but all must prepare!

The world will shift and people will have to be alert at all times. We can't afford to screw up all these children and abort his children. The anti-semetism has to stop as the Lord intend on them to be received on all churches! This have to happen and the Arabs and Muslims have to be disciplined for the Lord or else they will be completely lost. Each abortion group and gay rights group on Marrieage will affect US economy - The Lord will turn His back on the US and leave us like Sodom and Gomorrah! We have to treat all Aliens - immigrants and teach them well with the grace of God or else they will be Muslims and they will plan all kinds of attack. I am against any physical form of violence on gay folks and discrimination at work but gay marriage is an abomination unto God. Look at all the lust they have for each other and hate/fear of the opposite sex. This is the spirit of confusion to keep them from the Lord's table. They will continually wallow until sense knocks them on the head to repent.

Saudi Arabia will have a revolution most likely to allow themselves freedom of religion or else they will die! Death of their Royalty will speed up the end of the World. Spiritual warfare is underway on all fronts. Many of my churches are feeling it. I go to 3 different ones and even in Israel the same news is being said.

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