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Ave Maria

EstherT1's picture
on October 1, 2012 - 10:23am

I pray for wisdom and healing of mind and spirit for all Americans. I pray for all the good people be they democrat or republican to open their minds upon the Truth that is facing this great country.

This is no longer about democrats vs. republican...
This is deception vs. American ideal
This is Islamic Communism vs. Democracy!

What good is Gay Marriage in the verge of a Sharia law institution in the US?
What good is legalizing marijuana if that means the curtailment of American's right to defend themselves and Freedom of Speech!

What can diplomacy due in the face of deception and death to our troops?

Hope without true patriotism is a blunder...
Change without true merit to freedom is simply slavery
What is Freedom without Life?

Let US be united in truth and not in lies...

Wisdom and discernment above all...

AVE MARIA is an Angelic Salutation....
I dedicate this song for the healing of Americans youth, citizens and elders who love and values life and freedom.

Jesus is with US! Immanuel - The Immaculate Conception grants US Peace within the storm of deception.

Americans are not to live in Fear but rather in facing the Truth of our current situation not the illusion of false hope but rather pursuit of Life, Freedom and prosperity.

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