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Awaiting Durban III

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on September 18, 2011 - 1:13am

This is where I vent out! I need to express myself!

It's been a long wait and the warning has been out. This coming week depicts all the Axis of Zion. I looked at all my first You Tube Video and there I found the first video to be on Sept. 23. Sept 22 is the Durban. I was called to return the lost back to the Father. The rest is up to the people. I was told to be tough as nail. I was to set an example not out of perfection but of boldness. Not out of diplomacy but out of sincerity. The jokes are for fun and many may get it will receive.

Jews and Christians are so duped up with sorcery and deception and the key thing is to pay attention with what really matters. Fear of Islam is the worst element there is! Tell them the truth and they will listen! Koran is not Holy, martyrs are not murderers, women and children should not be sacrificed, suicide is wrong, terrorism is wrong, beating women are wrong. Being gay is a sin, perversion is a sin, lust is a sin, etc. I was called to call on the Father in Heaven and lead the lost back in the fold. You tube is effective so I did over 700 videos. The point is simply to make reasonable videos pointing to the truth and people will be inspired. Wake up the crowd, no fear of their egos. Slash all forms of gay agenda, send them to the box office with YHVH, call on sorcery and destroy their senseless ego point to the body of Christ! Jew is Us = Jesus! Jesus is the JewKing! Jesus seemed like a joke to some but let's face it the Lord rose from the Dead in 3 days and did what He predicted. I'm just in agreement with the Father in Heaven. All the gays and lesbians are mislead and bound to perdition. I remind them of the Father and it's up to them to receive the Truth!

No sorcery is going to help Israel right now! Only the Father in Heaven will lead the people to Peace! Peace is in fact...Papa (2Peas or 2P = Papa/Pop) 2 b or 2 d = abba and dada! The Dad in Heaven is calling all the line of Judah = Jew Dad to the Zion! I'm sorry but the truth is funny! Peace = 2 Ps = Papa in Heaven! The JewKing is Funny and He is good! See with You Tube you can mass influence without having to leave your job! I can tickle all the people with facts they never heard of before. My videos don't need to go viral... I just need a handful of ears and eyes that can magnify the work and do things their way! Nobody is perfect so we have to forgive and forget. I really kick out the the senseless and unforgiving group! They are full of vanity! Anonymous groups are full of deception. The Kowran is full of Sh_T!

So in the advent to Durban III, I predict with Amos 9:11- 15 Israel will win! Because I know the Good News. Now I'm praying for clear skies, clear mind, clear thinking, boldness, deep love for the Father in Heaven among all Jews! Young and Old, all walks of life.

A few really funny thing I see on TV... I only watch at the NH when I see my patients, Dr. Zoo or Dr. Oz is sporting benefits of Apple Jews! He encourages all to check their bodies and excrement for signs of disease! Weight loss, rehab programs, nutritional programs are really good now a days. I see them eating, drinking. The commercials are full of talking fibers and animals. The benefits of Apples and Pears are out! Lots of funny stories and Jokes. I love it!

Now, we need more prayerful groups around the world, out in the light of the TV and radios. We need to praise the Father in Heaven and magnify the children of God! The Father loves the Jews so much so I have to keep grooming them and taming their wild beast! There are Leftish Jews that need to jump over the fence and they love food, good songs, pretty men and women. I hate to admit this but the Jews are very naughty as well. They need a few slap on the butt and a little incentive. They need to follow the Star = Father in Heaven! Not the Bunnity! The bunnity are full of vain! The key is for the Leftish Jews to find the Truth in the Father and not sorcery! Not the gaydols, not the perversion, not the junk.

The righteous Jews are to be heard, magnified and be encouraged! They are to show the light and lead the other lost bunnies, lambs and phoneys (3 types of Jews Haredim, Shepardim, Askinazi) Hasidic Jews love dicitionaries. All need the Father in Heaven to get guidance and stop the cursing and all the confusion. Not even humanitarian causes can help the Jews without the Jewmanitarians. Trust me I know that humanitarian can kill... The Guillotine is made for humanitarian reason, Eutanasia is for humanitarian reason. Jews have to stay away from traditions of man and follow the commands of God! Be bold in praising the Father in Heaven! This is the time!

Luke 20: 41-44. Star Wars the riddle is broken. Leah is out! She is Jewish. Esther is out! She is Jewish! Padma is out! She is Jewish! Now the Father went to the darkside of the Film industry to get the word out because the Jews are not reading the Bible! "Look! I'm your Father!"

I spent almost a full year to break as many codes and bring the Jews into the fold of the Father! NY will sound the shofar! Sho Far Sooh Good! God is Good! Enough of this G-d! I'm sorry but I find it funny that G-d looks like God is winking at the Jews! The God is eye open! "Keep an Eye out for My Children. Keep the other Eye on Me! " This is the only way I can keep my sanity is if I go back to the Father! The bunnies, lambs and phonies are wild and crazy, many nuts but for the most part are very very cute and funny! I don't mean to turn the Jews into little cute animals but the Bible started it! Jesus talked about the little lambs! Jesus layed on the manger feeding horses, sheeps and bunnies with His love! It's Funny and it's Cute! Jesus is a comedian from the time he was born! He loves the animals and chose lowly life despite all His power just to identify with all of us and even care for animals.

I'm not minimizing the sacrifices of the Lord! Jesus suffered intensely and I had the previledge to feel some of the pain which was shown to me in a dream... The Bible clearly made visible the pain. I just have to use comedy to get people's attention and relay the message in bite size form. Parable, Fable, Parody and Comedy wins the heart and souls of men.

Food, Drink, laughter, dance, songs are the best way to find a common ground! Blessings must be inscribed and proclaimed for the growth! I will be baby sitting the UN representatives in my dreams and I envite all to do the same. Good reasoning, God Spells from the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and Eternal Salvation wins out the crowd! Immersion in the words of God destroys all forms of deception, confusion and fears!

When all is said and done...I want to replace Dur ban with Gro! Let's have a toast! Mazel Tov!

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