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The Chateau

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on December 5, 2010 - 2:56am

The Chateau
Out of the Wilderness
Jacqueline Illera

Voce Existe Em Mim
Water and raindrops dissipates and replaced by drumbeats coming from a chateau in the outskirts of New York Suburbia. A man on his 27th birthday in mid – September drums out his agony from a recent death of his successful distant father who was a famous judge in New York City. He was a former veteran who rescued Jacob from the Amazon jungle after his real father has fallen from the hands of the drug – paramilitary.
Bottles of beer lines up as this man plays his drums for hours on end dusk till dawn. His deep chocolate eyes closes and his dark brown wavy hair strikes on his face as he incessantly beats on the drum to drown out the pain and agony of his late father’s untimely death from a massive stroke that left him completely unanchored once more. Lost in the mystery of his past childhood he suffers the fear of facing the traumatic lost of his father in the jungle of the Amazons.
The heat of day and endless drumming fills the air of African rhythm to a “kapawera” warrior dance of Brazil. Sweat of bullets falls upon his face as drenched hair of coils slashes across his sun scorched skin. The sun beats down from the sunroom with half wilted greeneries of ivy, spider plants and basils. Scattered are the drums he incessantly pounds in compulsion. Only the cactus manage to survive the abandoned garden which once was laced with red bougainvillea, scent of chamomile and cherished ivy green with life.
Cell phone rings on and off and drowned by resounding drums and cymbals of a lone band’s endless despair. And when he falls on the ground from exhaustion the phone rings once more and Jacob throws his phone into an old aquarium of dead fish and molded rim. The house phone already torn out of socket and shattered like road kill on the old kitchen floor trailed by beer bottles, wine and tonic. The once white shirt pressed for work of a New York law-firm now shamelessly grayed and stained from sweat and beer.

Broken fragments of memories of the past hunts him down like a lion on a sprawl waiting for a kill he cannot avoid. The day turns dark and the cold draft enters the partly open arched doorway. Jacob walks haggardly down the aisle of the drawing room staged by an eagle on flight, head of Ox and massive Ram surrounding the old grandfather’s clock which never failed to ring it’s bell on every hour of his time in the old chateau. He walks with the rhythm of the clock in tandem till his legs like lead drags from exhaustion. His vision grows dim as the room stirs 360 degrees to an eery gaze. The shades of his eyes are darkening still as flashbacks of gunshots alludes the air calling him to take charge ending it all at once for revenge too late a task to perform.
A nearby wooden and glass encasement coffins his father’s favorite guns with a silver bayonet at the end. Jacob screams as he finds his last bottle of wine emptied out without a drop to offer. He slams his fist with the ring insignia of an Ivy League alma matter shattering the glass encasement of the priced gun. And in his arms he aims it an invisible shadow. Out of focus he then points it towards himself when a sudden impact from his arm sends him flying on the ground like a dog on the sled. The bayonet projectile impales a Shakespearian masterpiece from a mound of books shooting straight up the wall. An old familiar book stabbed on the wall frozen in time with a shadow striking the ground. Jacob passes out while the arched door creeks open. Draft and wind enter the estate with a line of fallen leaves lays on the ground like a trail of lost petals awaiting a place called home.

The morning comes aglow like white light of rays. A sports utility 4 by 4 black jeep comes raging into the pathway of dead leaves coming in to a sharp halt by the patio doorway that is wide open. The man about 30 years old comes jumping out like a wild horse bolting to the arched doorway. He wears a white shirt and black coat yelling out his best friend’s name “ Jake!” He found him face flat on the floor with blood in his left hand. He swiftly turns him over expecting the worst!
The sun beamed down on Jacob’s face and a half opened eyes retracted from the glare just when Nick thought Jacob was dead!

Jacob goes, “What the…”
Nick goes, “ Shoot man…I thought you are dead! You scared the daylights outa me!” “What the hell is this?" Nick looks around at the disarray of room with empty bottles of beer cans, wine and rotten fruits.
Jacob, “Leave me!”
Nick, “Man you can’t give up like this…you’re a mess!” I need to take you to the hospital!”

Jacob groans, “ No! You are not - I’m fine! Just a cut!”

Nick shook Jacob’s arms from the shards of glass and tears out an old cloth from Jacobs’s tattered shirt and wipes out the blood. “You did a number on yourself there!”
Jacob, “It’s Friday the 13th! Leave me alone!”
Nick, “ Man you have got to get yourself together!”
Jacob slurrs, “ Just hand me a beer and go!”
Nick carried Jacob on one shoulder like a rag dragging on every edge into a carpeted floor still bleeding.

Nick grabs a beer from his Jeep and gives it to Jacob who is heavily dehydrated. Jacob is laughing like mad joker delirious. Nick was clearing up the ground with drum set. Jacob, “Don’t touch my stuff…” Nick gives him water to drink and Jacob coughs it out in disdain.
“You know your not the only one who has lost a father…you need to get over it somehow…we need you at work”

Jacob, “ He’s not my father”
Nick, “ What are you talking about?”
Jacob, “He’s all I got to forget the past and he’s gone…now the ghost of my past is drawing near of which I don’t know how…”
Nick, “ Jacob, keep your eyes open!”
Jacob opens his eyes halfway. He points at the counter next to the drum. “That’s all he showed me… that box (8 sided) with an 8 sided collidescope inside!” That’s from my real parents…I don’t know what to do with it!”
Nick, “ Did he tell you something?”
Jacob, “ He can’t barely speak! They’re all gone and left me!”

Nick, “ Come on let’s get some fresh air! You’d feel better!”
Nick drags him to the car. Jacob continues to be in and out consciousness laughing and crying…Paw…Paw…Paw..”

Jacob passes out once more and Nick takes him to the hospital.
Jacob wakes up at the hospital, “ What the f_ck is this!”

Nurse with a Jamaican accent, “ You here for destocks Hun!”
Jacob, “ I told him to not bring me here!”
Nurse, “ Now you’re staying here till you get betta!”
Jacob shaking profusely attempts to get up but collapses on the ground!” He’s hospital gown barely covering him!

Nurse calls for help and picks him up to back to bed.

Jacob wakes up again, “ F_ck I don’t belong here!” Nick! You full of shit…I don’t belong here!”

Nurse, “Now you stop tha’ now! I ain’t have time for tis and you gonna to go to the meet-in’ like e’ryone else.”
Jacob, slumps on the bed and attempts to sleep again hoping to wake up somewhere else. His urinal on his side table.

Nurse enters again, “ you’ been sleepin all these time…it’s time to eat and I’ve no time for yu…get up and join the rest! Na go on and don’t look at me lik tha’ I may not be yo mada ba I’d slap ya!”
Jacob says to himself, “I’m in this fu__ing place! Nick! I’m going to kill you!”

Nurse, “At 7:30 you go out the’ and eat something! You are done with your IV”
Yu close’ are right the’ young man!” “Someone wi’ com’ and help ya’! You’re clothes are readi and you friend left you some tobacco! Don’t be smokin outa sch’dule! Yu’ve rule’ to fullo”

Jacob puts on his clothes and steps out into a common room with a handful of sofa in a poorly lit room next to a curtained window. He slumps around. He’s tobacco on his hand.

A girl comes over with a soft voice and an accent came sheepishly, “ Time to eat Sir!”
Jacob barely opens his eyes. “I need a light!”

The girl with a black linen scarf opens the window to light up the room from a lit outdoor light post.
She says, “ Is tha’ beta!’”
Jacob squinting, “I mean a lighter!”
The girl was startled and confused! “Lighta’ I’m sorry Sir!”

Jacob looked at her red lips…it’s been a while since he’s noticed a woman before…She’s different.. Her skin’s like silk…He sees her neck completely covered and a necklace with 8 sided ring was on her chain.
He says, “I’ve seen that before, where is it from?” She say’s, “this…that’s where I’m from!”

Jacob sits up and was bout to stand when tremors started to shake his body. The young girl afraid he’d fall, attempts to support him back down to sofa. She falls into the sofa with him in a precarious posture. In panic and hesitation she turns her head for help. Her scarf came off from the weight of his body as she tries to sit him up. Delirium, Jacob caught a glimpse of her neck and hair! In trembing yet cunning voice he says, “ Why do you cover such beautiful neck? You’re hair is beautiful…Don’t leave me! Wait!”

The girl holds her breathe and shamefully ran away leaving Jacob her scarf! She disappeared in the dark hall like a ghost! Meanwhile, Jacob passes out from delirium tremens.

Jacob wakes up in the dark thinking, “ Who is she? A name came to him…Celeste!” Jacob couldn’t stop thinking about this girl whom he feels he owes his sanity for a moment in time in this dungeon of a place for Alcohol Rehab.
Next morning, Nurse comes in, “ have you got ‘nogh to eat?”

Jacob, “ I’ll be there”
As the nurse was about to leave, Jacob says,
“Who was that girl last night?”

Nurse, “ What girl?
Jacob, “that girl who came to help me up!”
Nurse, “Yu must be dreamin’ we have all men he ‘sides me and an’ a de’ olda ladi!”
Jacob, “But this is hers!”
Nurse, “ Wat’ you talking bout! I know everyone he’ and there aint no jun woman with a tie like that!”

Jacob, “But she was here!”
Nurse, “keep dreamin’ boy!”

Jacob attends an AA meeting in a circle of men who can’t wait to proclaim “I’m an Alcoholic.”
Jacob keeps his distance from the group chuckling to himself…
Soon the counselor introduces Jacob with a code name “Joe” as prescribed by Nick to keep his firm name clean of record.
Counselor, “ Joe come and join us or leave the group!”

Jacob makes a smirk and diplomatically states. “Hi everyholic…I’m Joe…I’m not an alcoholic…I’m simply a drunk…” The group laughs. Joe / Jacob finally made an effort to rid himself off the addiction that has markedly tarnished his previously impeccable top-notch persona.
Nick comes over Jacob chased him down the spiral stairway like a prat boy lunatic and pins him down the wall. Nick retaliates in kind and slams on the wall for truce. Finally letting go and both men started laughing. “Nick you…Argh! I hate you man…but you’re my ace!” “Damn do I have to lie about my name and say “I am Joe from Brooklyn bridge!” Nick sheepishly replies, “Yeah…quite a character for a man like you. When you get sobered up…we’re back in business and nobody will ever know…then again it might just be a good way to relate to all our Alchololic Millionaires and Airline pilots.”
Jacob goes thru series of meeting and made an effort for a private counselor to follow up.

Nick came over several weeks to check on Jacob in which case Jacob cussed the living daylight out of him with decreasing frequency.

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