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Check out this Bio TINA = PINA

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on May 26, 2012 - 12:16pm

The Winner Takes IT ALL - Sang by Tina Arena - Catches Men with their pants down!

Tina Arena (born Filippina Lydia Arena; 1 November 1967)[1] is an Australian singer, songwriter and musical theatre actress. She has won several awards, most notably 6 ARIA Awards and in both 1996 and 2000 she received the World Music Award for the world's best selling Australian artist. She has sold over eight million records worldwide to date. Tina has accepted the position of judge on the 2011 reboot of Young Talent Time in Australia. The original 1977 series made her a household name.
Early life

Arena was born to Italian immigrants, Giuseppe and Franca Arena, living in the Melbourne suburb of East Keilor, Victoria. She has two sisters, Nancy and Silvana. Her family calls her Pina which evolved into her stage name, Tina. Arena attended St. Columba's College, Melbourne, in Essendon, from 1980 and graduated in 1985.

Phoebe Cates played a role much like EVE. She is Jewish - Filipino.

ADAM and EVE are like two monogamous porn-stars having kids every year!
Think about it!

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