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D N R (do not rid)

EstherT1's picture
on December 15, 2010 - 9:49pm

(The following content is proven to be racy at best! Do not read if u RA JEW _EEE)
Dirty content requires further hand washing and don't forget to soak the feet and mend your socks to prevent a hair raising experience that can send nukkies down on this site after the following information has been revealed. Don't forget to keep your mama's eyes off of this because as you all know they can cuss the living daylight and nightlife and tell you to go to her room to eternity so she can further give you further advise on how to live a kosher life and keep your hands off the dirty socks and by the way she's cooking lots of matzo balls and she has to feed you till yah drop and if you ever bring a goyim in your home she will hit her head, your father's head and your grand parents heads with a pan even in their graves and by the way you can not have a tatto is is of the devil and the rabbi is coming and his name is Rabbi Penis now you may have lots of things to do but you can not do it from sundown friday until the next day and turn on the radio for the rest of the week to every news you can possible hear in every languange and every country just to see which one is planning to blow themselves off and which ones they plan to kill and where can you hide when the they come for you because you are a jew and dang it you beast have been invading the world and wandering around and fathering all the children around the world and being a bastard racist to the rest of humanity by giving sending lots of wrapped items that takes people 4 x the number of times to open a regular item and has 2,000 words to discribe a muffin and if you don't get that turn the other side because it has more things written on it that may be bad for you and they don't want to be responsible for you getting sick and they also are very ridiculous looking geeky and reading all the news and how bad the news and how bad the news and how the world hates jews and how don't tell the world you are a steiner but yet its all over your face even the cardinals and the birds know that you are a jew but be very very discrete about it and show up to all the news and shows around the world bearing your very Jewish name but let's not tell anybody that because the code name is really Ish like fish, kish, dish, mish, skittish, mittish, bishon and Frishee, EEEEishis ishi yayagaga and place them all the food around the world like target, starbucks, music cD, moviesh, musish, tishish fits and if that's not enough and it's driving you nuts let ya mama remind you how much she loves you and the whole world who really hid you very well in your label because it only says watch tower and over the bridge that is potentially build but gazillions of hidding jewish italians, russians and who knows who and all are very racist because they keep on flirting with every woman around the world and singing and making love with the mice or I mean mike and showing up at disney with all of mickies and donald duckies and hickies and what else did i for forget tu shey? Ahh, mama has more to add because all those family members you have are musicians who likes to go around the world tooting their hornes and wands and instruments that really takes them very little time and gets things done as fast as possible because the world will crumble and there has to be a place to hide somewhere so don't tell anyone you are jewish just go ahead and write to everyone around the world with hiddden words that lures them but don't tell them who you really are because they don't like the line and oh! don't be gettin in on the brotherhood and government business just be very discreet and be like Santa Nick and tell people "WHAT Yuwish for christmas maybe this way they love yah and or maybe sing them a lovey dovey song so they don't accuse you of that but hide all the ishish and make them pay for it at half price and make sure you call all your relatives because they are only about 5 million around the world and that's only half of them let's bring in the dopties and the cutie divas and divos and by the way who said this letter is so long and missiong dots...Oh yeah write as fast as you could because you have wondering feet and it tickles too much to sit still and even though G__d is watching let's all be very pessimistic because they don't like you but the song will give the message for people around the world and we can send all the kids to great universities and hopefully the see the good in ish because they write very little in the books just about maybe 75% if not more have written the books the rest became a hippy and ultraorthodox who you just don't know how to get along because they don't support the government and don't forget you have a lot of kids in Israel and they are all refugee without a job and lets add all the victimes of genocide from Africa because the situation is not good now while you are listening to your mother and or your grandma who has all the contacts of the family and has her name on all your father ever owned because she really doesn't control anything in the house only your entire life and your future she will be there because she worries about what you eat, drink and sit and hang out and make sure you are not harmed when you travelled 80 % of the world beeyond let's have all the cousins and the aunties and the uncles busy with something to do multi-tasks that and have the babies promote their cute faces and have more babies because it's really great when you have little ones to harrass yourself and give them lots of food and thrill them with all their endevours and keep them hidden around the world while their wandering feet runs around and their wandering gems are completely a proof that tey are not jews just a bunch of geeky ishes who would like to save the world and feed and teach and write and make all the beyonces and all the talents of the world shine in a new way but let's bee very discreet and put on our photon glasses so noone can identify us except the greatful geeks who are in love with the keyboards and instruments they can get their hands on and while you are doing this let us ask the rest of the family to keep downloading, typing, acting, singing, dancing, reading and don't forget to have a good advise and wash wash wash and don't hold hands because you'll never know how much germs you can see now don't forget to cry and complain because this really get you going in your day like chees and what have you and keep the radio, newspaper and computer running so you can hear the news around the world in your sleep and by the way I am not really finish because there are still 1 million things to day and ...

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