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Dear Darlin Josh!

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on May 28, 2012 - 8:05pm

I would like invite you to read Pro-verbs. So we can wead it to-ge-ther!

My life has not been easy but it's all for a good cause. I am doing what I can to get by. Praying all over New York and trying out comedy skits that can inspire people. I really thank New York for all the Opportunities. My work is not as demanding as I thought it would be. I do need to get busier to make more money. I'm just trying to get back on my feet and reestablish my finances. I am trying to budget as best I can.

My back and neck still gives out. I've been trying to treat myself. My knees hurt when I get up on the stairs. I'm not sure if my diet is good but I'm trying to be healthy. I can't complain much when others have more issues than I do. I should do some research on better food and diet that is good for my joints. Working on hydrating myself when I can unlike before. I'm drinking less coffee and tea but that might be why I get tired. Comedy has been a good outlet for me. At least they laugh at my jokes...not as much as I'd like them too but I'm getting better at delivery. Elvis has been a good topic for me. I'll be teaching men and women how to date and grow their Jew Ne se qua. I think the guys like it when I talk about how badly I wanted a "dick" anyhow my dad really wanted a son but I had to settle for "Jack Wayne" instead of "John Wayne."

I'm teaching the Jews the art of being Elvis since he came in his Father's name! Nikki Paris (Yes his gay but looks like a Lesbian) thought I looked cute as a pumpkin... At least they seem to like my Jew Jokes. Thank God for Jew More! I would really be a good writer for a show. I think my work is more Polish than theirs. I can Jew more people as much as St. Nick does and save Israel in 4 minutes Stand UP comedy. I could even coach some comedians in how to be better at their craft. Noone can do things like I do because I have all the Keys in every language to get them their wheels turning again.

Not even Chris Rock nor Seinfeld can touch my stuff. If they do hell will break loose. I'm not being a big head. I have a knack for shifting minds faster than a Rock Star because I know the Father. I wish all the Comedians the best...The keys are at hand if only they use it right.

We got a few months to get people to settle their ears on what needs to be done. The sleeping giants need to awaken before the FALL. We need a lot of grace to get people going the right direction.

A few good tid bits.

Hebrew letters will spell Jew and You the same (* l ' ) !

Hebrew for Eve is Hawah - in tagalog this means to Pity (Awa)
Hebrew Bible writes woman not Eve and that is (Isha or Aisha). Man is Ha - ADAM or Ish but Eve was always addressed as "Isha." So where does the word ASIA really come from?
The word Asia comes from Latin, from the Greek word Asia, which is speculated to be from a Aegean word ASU meaning 'to rise from the sun' (sunrise)

Read more:

Or shall I say "To Rise from the Son!"
SION = TION = ZION then see Rising of the Son from Zion = Israel (Middle EAST)

Remember my conjecture is that EVE is an Asian Black woman. This will make Eve = ASIAN. Look at the most predominant hair color...IT's Black ROOTS! Straight is common among all ASIANS. But not Filipino. Filipino has black roots and therefore the waves are present. My dad's hair is wavy and so does my sister and Hannah. It's from the Spanish blood! And those Spanish people in the Philippines came from Spain because they are being kicked out by Queen Isabela.

Watch the pattern of things like the words of Hebrew ROOT words. Vowels can change with pronunciation but the roots are the same.

Now is the time to drop the F in FEAR and EAR! The words are powerful indeed. Redemption comes from Re-pentance. The answers where always there just look at the word WHY? = J + YHW.
How = Hawa = EVE - takes it all in! N+EWS = N + EVVES = Life (nun) + Lamb. We need the Yentas to move fast and furious. Jews are gonna roar ones they know HU really WON it all = One is the Name of God! ET is what ET is! ETZ the Answer Mister E....

Imagine I have to turn all this jargon into a fine comedy class act. I need some rappers just to get it done right... I also need to learn how to play the guitar. The wood guitar across my body will be a good symbolism of Cross my heart and Hope I date a good lookin' "Really Jew's Man. "

Lovingly Yours!


PS. I really need Juices to get me going...tropical punches will do. Some boots and straps...guitar and guitar and tassles...Elvis outfit and wisdom!

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