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Deepest Darkest Secret!

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on September 9, 2012 - 1:12am

I'm in love with Josh Groban...

BAck to ET for fun....

Mai and Corrine were busy cutting and pasting characters for Alli and the pet angels. They created "Musical keebles" with "Spaghetti strings" and "keeble tails." These are for musical talents and lizard foods. They also have the radish, carrots, celery, leaves, etc. for angel pet foods. Ally will be teaching the little angel pets to say grace!

Corine, "So Ally will be teaching them how to make egg baskets and how to check for snake eggs so as not to spoil the food. She is oblivious about her tails whereabouts while teaching that she'll end up knocking down the baskets and crafts whenever she turns around."

Mai, " That's gonna be really funny! So Ally will be teaching and everytime she turns around things will go into shambles and she will blame the pets for not keeping things straight! Then Ally realizes her tail is causing a problem because the pets will mimic her tail. Good Ol' Bunny Jean will put a blue ribbon on her tail and clip it on the line to prevent the tail from causing problems while she teaches."

Corine, " So Ally looks like a dragon with her tail and wings. Let's say the lizards will be so happy to mimic Ally that they go dancing in the street like the NY dancers for the pets to have a good time!"

Mai, " And when Ally gets upset...the tail will stump on the ground and ally will fly in the air! The pet will laugh and giggle and Ally would have to calm down just to get her feet on the floor!"

Corine, " Like a T-rex tail! Great idea for comedy Mai...We are really making waves here...Wonder what the boys are up to?"

Lara Lei rings the two girls, "Guy! I was peeking at the boys project...Demitry thinks Pakistan is Middle Eastern...So silly! They are creating subway characters and talking about Rumer - some British singer! Then I heard from Maduri that they are using Justin Beaber's song- I pray! Could it be any more silly than that...Call it a train wreck!"

Corine, "Leila are you serious they are doing some musical for puppetry?"

Mai, "Oh! I know they are going to enter it for the New York City Subway Rehab! I heard Major Bloomberg is giving out university grants for creative improvements on the NY City subway!"

Corine, "Big deal... Those guys are always following the Hollywood trend just because NY city needs a make-over! Raj, Luke and Demitry just wants to get into their Engineering schools in NY like Curly, Larry and Mo headed for Columbia University!"

Leila, "Corine, that's not a bad idea why don't we enter Ally as the Cupid from NY making people fall in love in such a crazy way that scandals are happening on the NY City Subway!"

Corine, "What's that Ally in NY wonderland?"

Leila and Mai, " Why not?"

Mai, "We could use some scholarship if we make the story fit for NY! I'm hoping to get into Alfred University for ceramics."

Corine, "So we need to create subway rails and show how Grand Cupid discovers Ally shooting down all the passengers in the subway system missing the correct target!"

Mai,"So basically, Ally's excuse was that she is stopping people from making enemies by making them infatuated with the other person whether it's a good match or not!"

Corine, "Let's just say the other cupids followed Ally's example and they all got in trouble...But after she's back in heaven she needs to change her attitude and correct her mistakes on Earth!"

Mai, " Ally will be back in the NY City subway to correct the mismatch thru music and pet socials."

Corine, " That's it! So the angel pets have to learn how to get the animals to fall in love too and the New Yorkers discover their love ones. They will grace the pet foods with love and graciousness. The cupids will shoot NY city subway passengers with musical foods and find their match singing the same tune!"

They made styrofoam "Marshmallow puddles", brown waxpaper "caramel spa" and celophane "honey dips" for Ally and her Angel pets to swim. All they had to do is break up styrofoam, color wax to caramel and crumple celophane with a hint of brown colored papers. These items create illution for bathing mood enhancers for bunnies, puppies and cupids.

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