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Do your Ears hang low?

EstherT1's picture
on April 23, 2012 - 9:38pm

So I went to do my first Improv class and all I could think of is the song..."Do your ears hang low...Do they dangle to and fro!" Apparently that is all I could thnink of how I was headed to church and I hear this song day in and out...Then the song "Apple Bottom Jeans...Boots with the fur... The whole club is lookin at her!" Is the song in my head as I went to church...I never mentioned it was Messianic Jewish congregation that would look really bad...So I sang Respect...Just a little bit...Oh! respect...Jews a little bit...RESPECT...Waddyou gonna be to me...REStPEcK jews a little bit...Oh! Stay...there!

That was it...that was my skit for 2 minutes...I wasn't gonna tell anybody I was in Brooklyn being followed by a Jew when I kept hearing "Do your Ears hang low!"

The poor woman who is the teacher couldn't even stand the joke...She taught I should just talk about my family...I didn't tell her my Dad is dead a long time ago and my mom too. Also I can't tell any racial jokes? Can you believe that? No raisins allowed in STand UP Comedie...But you can talk all you want about being a pothead and your private life. I said to myself...This is a joke!

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