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ET for Fun

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on November 24, 2012 - 12:17pm

Wanda gathered her students in discussion of the Old age Love Story to be presented in January.

Lara Lei, " Isn't it too early for Valentines day?"

Wanda, " No...It's not. We have a big preparation to make and as Christmas is coming you can get both things done! Christmas is never without love...So I would like all of you to plan the Christmas and think of Valentines Day!"

Luke, " Like a good Love Story in the middlle of Winter?"

Corine, "We could make a great love story for Valentines day with memories of Christmas!"

Sadiyya, " I don't believein Christmas anyhow!"

Corine, " But you believe in Love?"

Sadiyya, " I do but it gets complicated?

Demitry, " Love is not complicated! It's simple...mindless act...of Passion!"

Sadiyya, " It's complicated!"

Raj, " Especially if one loves the enemy!"

Corine, "Oh please not another Romeo and Juliet!"

Lara Lei, " Ohh! How about Star Wars and Juliet!" looks at Luke.

Luke, " And you are looking at me Lara?"

Mai, " So instead of cupid it would be star wars with love potion!"

Luke, " Yuk! I refuse to associate Star Wars with some lovey dovey twist like that! That's juvenile!"

Corine, " I would prefer the story of Alley cupidity and bunnies!"

Lara Lei, " Here me out here...It's comedy alright! Star Wars utilizing cupids power to make the galaxy fall in love again!"

Demetry, " For stupids sake...Let's do it!"

Mai, " I think it's a great idea...The galaxy is at war and Princes Leiah decided to send mystery love notes to the ambassadors..."

Luke, " And Darth Vader fell in love...This is silly...not comedy!"

Corine, " I like that idea...Love notes...the conspiracy of love!"

Wanda, " Alright folks...Get to work...And by the way...we are on strick budget...Recycle the old props and fund raising!"

Demetry to Luke, " I think Professor Lee is hopeless romantic...This is crazy...Christmas and we have to do a Valentines Special..." Luke, " You know what I am thinking?"

Luke, " Mystery Love notes!"

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