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ET for Fun Outline

EstherT1's picture
on November 28, 2011 - 7:15am

As inspired by Josh Groban music...I'll be busy writing up the story

Invitation to the comedy club
Dance of Luke
Fatima offered a rose for Birthday
Performance on Stage -The Muse Dance
Wanda joined her students to the Prophetic Ministry
Wanda met with Shawn at the Parking lot
Wanda's gay friend went to dinner with Liza- a lesbian and spent the night
Wanda engaged the students in project together. Boys to do the lights.
Shawn helped the students write Beyond the Wilderness
The young men met with Judges, lawyers in firm to interview for their skits.
The young men developed videos and lighting for the women's dance "All Improviso Amore"
Brainstorms for sceneries and filming in Novato for horse ride with women using therapy horses.
Luke education on Tabernacle. Identifies toga as cape for potential tallit and tassel.
Students off of Wanda's class for finals.
Wanda continues to speak with Diego
Shawn discovers Wanda's secret phone pal
Luke writes the script for "Beyond the Wilderness with Shawn and the class..."

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