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Every Day!!

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on January 31, 2012 - 7:48am

Every morning I pray for you and I ask that if anything should bother you that the Lord will teach me what to pray for. If I so much see that you have something new going on I read between the lines and ask fo provision. I pray for the open doors and at this point specific doors that will propel good things to come to you Josh and your entire family.

Realize that my prayers counts greatly...The L-rd Yeshuah has proven and confirmed to me many times. I only wish that others see the effectiveness of their own prayer. Lately I've been asked to pray for myself first- This I will have to do from now on besides my fellowshipping.

I am prone to lateness which I need to be cured of. I have to be more prompt and eager to get things done in one hour. This One Hour is crucial the L-rd tells me. I have to be bold at praying for people and not too limited and shy! The L-rd Yeshuah loves to see hands up in Praises to His Mighty Name! He loves the Children and their prayers are so welcomed and cherished.

All of Hollywood have no idea how the L-rd blessed and forgives them...If only they realize this things would change! I see progress in Hollywood and the news as well. If it does not please me...It does not please the Father as well. I avoid all the conflict but I pray over them.

The children in Hollywood are prone to much lies and deception. I pray over them even if I don't get to twit the children. I pray over the News and especially all the TIME media. Even if they can't speak up they will find other ways to send the news. Jnewsreader many of whom mainstream media but cannot say anything. We can not punish them but only pray for each individual to find save avenues to express the news out loud.

I will not discredit any popular media because I am not sure what the Lord has in store for them in the future. Best to keep focus on the good and block off the negative so as to have a better army of good people propelling what is good and positive.

The love songs are important for Elders and Youth alike. I have to bring in more funny ideas and play on words despite all the crazy doom and gloom or people with shut down in their minds. We need a lot of sugar here and there.

I will have many of the chickens ready for work and bearing good things...lots of goofy parodies that ignite the truths!

Purr-im and MoreDucckEyes are really great titles. "Butter tails!" Those are new wiggle dance for the Chickens and Foals! I have so many little hens in my head to write about. Ninies story is so beautiful and grateful and funny! I have more skits to write about her. Quails are so pretty and cute...They make me happy. Henene is the key! Vayyera! I wanted to bring more juicy titles to the menu to spice up the Elders back to life. Even pets have a place in the news these days...that's good too. I'm so happy for the Purry Animals to have their Corner in the news!

All these toxic news real or not need to be discerned. Solution oriented news team are needed. The news need to go where they need to go without blocking creativity and ideas! We need more eyes with more brains to handle the news!

Movies...I don't care for censorship but we need more decent ones that stimulates thinking and passion. I can not waste anytime between work and church. I love Josh and all that he stands for...

As far as provision. I know that the L-rd grants good things to many people with and without faith but the lasting reward are for those who aim to teach that which is good.

Focus on Good F is important...take it very seriously and have a lot of stimulating thoughts...very good F is important! We must focus on Good Eff in life and love!

We can all knock out all the nuclear problems if we have more lively people praying and doing that which is good. Panic is very bad for kids and elders alike. Keep them at peace and not in piesces! The Father's words can crush the curses for all of us but we must listen to that which is good.

Good food are very important. Nibble on good Food! All the animals know that as well.

So anyhow, I hope this message brings good tidings as I am busy doing strategies and fellowship here. I wanted to get Rachel and AVI Lipkin CD's Josh came to mind of course. The man does not know I did over 800 videos goofing off as Esther under Hudna1.

I pray for open doors for RAchel and AVI Lipkin for they have taken so much risk in the last 30 years. AVI is the real Jonah of today's time. I need to have Yeshiva boys to do his work in the Bible Belt...I wonder how to suggest this to him in a way that is not offensive. Israel Knesset has not received him well but this can all soon change. I can sense the Holy Spirit wants AVI in Israel. This man can see better than most of them what is truly going on. He does not have IT support and this is what is missing. He does not get the Market but I hinted already. I pray protection over them at all borders. Rachel is so wonderful - She is inviting me to Israel. I would love to go God willing.

I have this goofy books to complete and publish. I'm praying for the right doors to open for that too. I need editors and illustrators.

I'm loving my hands more and more. I get to type. I have a sense I will be back in California sometime. I have to listen intently and not miss the cues. I struggled with confusion in the past and I need to deal with things more peacefully so as not to create unnecessary fences and blocks.

So with this Find Your LIght Foundation. This gonna go like fishes. The river runs thru it and magnetic pull of good creativity and brilliance will abound. Good money will be put to work and these children are meant for great things. Yeshuah is very happy with these children. I have visions of Our Beloved Yeshuah playing and orchestrating for the children. It's amazing! All day Orchestrating with Violin and all kinds of strings. The baton is being used just like any pro but in Yeshuah's typical outfit and sandals. I know it sounds crazy but it makes me Smile! The Lord disciplines thru songs and calm good words. Take note!

I'm a long way to be disciplines. I make too many mistakes but the L-rd has been patient with me so the least I can do is be a good listener... Bit by bit.

Much travel mercies and good quality lines...Goody goofs and Goody Ways!
Wishing all the Grobanites a Passion full of ideas...WE are hitting the market streams like never before.


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Whatz UP duck!

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