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Fan JewrNal

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on January 12, 2011 - 10:51pm

I made it to your sighing session...And it's okay if you can't recognize that big fat golden gate bridge hovering about like a fat sheep with a camera. 4 hours was quite a long time but I'm glad I don't have to work like some of the girls and guys. The view was amazing and the little fishes over concrete water fall was a great place to sign for your fans. I learned to live vicariously! It's better than you tube watching as at least it's real time and I got to see your lovely hands with the pen scribbling doodles of Gosh only know what that face is! Is it a man with a halo or curly hair! Based on your ziggy tures you are a complete rebel, an intellectual with a flair of flamboyance!

The movie scene was something I've never seen before. I like the multicultural motif with the sentimental scenes in the dessert! The young, the old, the sick, the hungry, the depessed, the lonely and the seeker sure does coincide with the music like connect the dots and bead them together like one big family! and as we all know sometimes family makes reservations and feel dissociated from other's pain but nontheless deep inside they care. It's nice to see a star have compassion like most of us. We go about our day to day task and feel like others could care less when they are well off and famous but that's not true. I'm not patronizing you Josh - I'm just saying --thank you for being cool like that! I was really happy to see Geno's World and the number of stars who are willing to make a stand to give to their causes are heartwarming!

The best part of it all is that you valued "intimate settings" over large stadiums to meet your fans. Josh you chose "love over glory" and that's something to remember for all of us. It's quite touching - many warth and fuzzies! I may not make it tomorrow since there are no more tickets but I'll try to come early hope to see Queen Elizabeth place. I'm thinking, " Que ( Who's) En (in) El (God) is a Beth (House)" 19 is a significant number for the season.

I'm still in the garden of whys apparently but I'm quite amaze that there is this cosmic thing goin on like bloppers of errors and ronchy verses; intellectual Tee's, Black Swan (I had no idea it's been a movie). The number of funny commercials and funny news has flooded the media stream and the announcement couldn't have been better. Thanks to you many are now geekier than ever and proud to be the nerd of innovation. I so feel that finally You man's are coming along and making a stide for open communication.

Personally, I feel trap in the ronchy, vulgar twits simply cause it's funny but at times people get carried away and offended. I've made a living over tolerating the worst of all personalities and enuendo's. I can live like a camelion but many may not like it and I'm afraid the kids are getting a little to expose to naughty twits! Then again it's only twits - yet to the sensitive ears like your's it might be too much! I ask for forgiveness as I've been quite sacrilegious in many of my skits, twits and Yournals. I ask the one on high to forgive me!

One thing remains true. Like salt - the world would be a different place without you! You seem to connect the dots and jive alive on many cultural and transmusical genra! I salute you for being dyew!

I could write a million letters but I need some ZZZ. like Zion - lions need sleep and that's Zion! Mountain Djew - Djew Mountain - zion!

Matthew = math You= Matt Jew! = Djew Mat?

Gotta go! ( I know I write kind of annoying like the you tube skit but I can't help it!)

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