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Fatima and Lukey

EstherT1's picture
on August 1, 2011 - 2:00am

Fatima searched out her hijab modeling videos on you tube... Little did she know there were several comments on her beautiful and lacey blue scarf from a guy in Germany. The guys screen name is Natsy_Malone! She kindly responded with many thank yous and offered to do more on the Lacey Hijab videos along with matching eye shadow sessions.

Lukey makes a video song dressed up as Batman playing Spanish Guitar with Jason as Robin. Fatima delighted to watch the videos response giggles along with Mischa while they're having a sleepover. Mischa, "I should wear a scarf just to join you one of these days...We should take a trip to Point Reyes and shoot some boat scenes by the water." Fatima, " That's a great idea. I can't wear a bikini but I'll wear my bathing suit!" Mischa, "Great! How's next week? I could ask my Aunt to take us on my Birthday!"

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