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Good Day!

EstherT1's picture
on July 22, 2011 - 8:35am

Straight to you vine! I wish I would know what to do with my life as much as Josh does. Every day seem like a walk in a fog. Can't complain of the fascination of days surprises. Nights are lonely but inspirations great!
I really want to kiss those lashes. Sigh...

I'll be moving again- paying rent this time. My friends are making me stay put and take care of my finances. It's been a shamble since I've just been glued on the news. I don't seem to have a compass. I just want to write until I meet Prince Charming. If only he'll come and pull me out... I'm so scattered but blessed. There are lots to give up and places to go. When only a sliver of the future you can see, you feel like a deer in the cave. I just want a place to snuggle. Wake up with a little fruit and a bag of tea.

I peeked at a book and the author was so thrilled to write with her husband. That would be a dream. Write with someone. Come up with funny stories and crazy adventure right in your Sit on a hammock and have a nice cream pie. Search out the web with phones and laptop and give a word of advise to this lonely and crazy world with a partner.

I have so many stories in my head that wants to come out and play. Something to ease the pain, inspire the weary, dare the slugs, pinch some booties..

I bet Josh is happy sitting in his RV and sipping shakes and eating grapes. He writes music incessantly, read the news and laugh on you tubes. An ever seeing eye for all the worlds news and reports .

Well Josh...many great intellectual feats and creative energy your way... I'll be waiting for great songs and inspiring vibrational vortex from you...Strum the cords and play the beats on drums to your hearts desire.

Ohh...Ohh... maybe dream of rainfalls and stare at sunrise at 6 and smile...

Good day! Rise and shine!

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