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Got out of Comedy Class

EstherT1's picture
on May 7, 2012 - 10:41pm

I sure hope I do better next time at comedy class. I really need to just toss out the list. Reading is not my thing....I have a confession. I'll just have to let the world know about it. My next comedy skit will be what it's supposed to be.

For as I make it big on's because I am real.

On another thought...I thank Josh for all my crazy ideas! I don't take anything lightly... Josh has always been my inspiration to do beloved Jo Shh uahhhh! I can see how Gallileo Gallili must have looked really crazy...nothing like an inspiration to spark ones thoughts towards many inventions.

My sister told me that I'm the biggest liar... She said I'm here because Josh is in NY. And can she come to the show sometime? Personally, I don't know if my sister will really come to new York! For sure She thinks I'm crazy... Needless to say...I agree.

I'd rather be broke and crazy...than a person in fear of life wondering if perhaps I should have...

One thing on my one will stop me for breaking into places where people dare not go. I am Black Ruth - the Broken hearted comedian that can set the stage in charcoal!

Perhaps the real reason I was on You Tube is because deep inside I want to be a hero. This time I am willing to stand for the entire world to see "I have a dream!"
That no comedian will be judge by the size of their noses but by the content of their Ass! Oops! I mean Character!

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