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The Great Command

EstherT1's picture
on September 10, 2011 - 9:57am

To love one another...The hardest thing to do sometimes is to love oneself and the another when things seem so unfair and unyielding. I simply refuse to give up! I need Jewvey! I need all the new Jewvey! Grovey!

In light of all the trouble in Israel I can't help but think of this command. What does one do with a brother who hates? When an apology to their action is not warranted because they are thought to maim, steal and kill. Don't give into fear! Don't give into the temper of the terrible. Crack the eggs...

(I'm thinking of the Parody for Israel to give to Muslims.)

Muslims are thought to hate you Israel...yet you have to give the love. Speak the truth! Speak the truth! Show the book! Show the book! "I was thought to love you...But you refuse to believe me...It hurts me... to see you hate me so this is the book that told me to love you. I don't always agree with the Bible but it's true! This book - Bible says your book is a curse on Zachariah 5. Revelation 22:19 says your kowran is not allowed. That the Father in Heaven told us it will come to cause much bitterness.And sure enough the Kowran did! Look! Mooh Ham! Mad is a poop it of the Me Cow and al - Lah nothing! See the scars and the pain on the face of Israel. See the piercings on our hands and feet. See the pierce on the side. Come see the Father in Heaven in this book! Join me! Let us rock this boat! Yeah Ru Shall I am! You are no longer Pale - Stein- Ant! You are now the New-born! Re Jew vinated Jewvey!" John 3:16 flashes in the sky! OMG! The heaven spoke! Ding! Ding! Ding!

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