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on September 12, 2012 - 10:56pm

I'm in the middle of paying down all my debts. Is there a good music from Josh Groban for this one? I'm once again buried in papers! Help! I need someone! Heellllppp! Not just any elf? Help! I need some $1's Help! When i was younger so much younger than today...I had more money then than now I am today!

Remember....To pay your taxes...Remember It will still be here...

(Yes! I'm paying my taxes! Thanks to accountants...not all are lost!) There is a way to give my offerings as long as you hold me in Your memory!

Remember when my taxes have ended. There is another year....of taxes that never ends...I'm the one star that is burning so brightly....Remember there are taxes to pay....keep in your memory as long as you and I live!

Jesus if you see this Journal please don't really hurts to pay taxes and pay all those offerings...I'm not a tithing believer anymore but a giver instead. Please don't turn me into those parasees! and sad-u-sees! Help me to be joyful in giving despite the bills that never ends...

Remember me!



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