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Greetings America

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on November 12, 2012 - 5:29am

Greetings everyone and many more days of joyful encounters to all.
I have a very important message for everyone. America will not be divided and I am thankful for this message. As some may already know. There are circulation of Americans so dissatisfied that they are claiming to be removed from the White House all together. It is critical that we understand Family before Politics. Love before religion. The Father in Heaven - YHVH is pleased to see His children come together with reliance upon Him.

I am praying for families to grow. For people who are single to find a meaningful relationship. For couples to be in a committed relationships. For people to have children and relish in their life bearing in mind the Love of God for their family.

There is no greater glory in life than to have love in one's home and to feel that love extended towards other people.

America is undergoing mass transformation and awakening...We are meant to grow in love and compassion. We are One Nation Under God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and always will be. America has been the most ideal and most embracing of many people from all nations and walks of life. We are here to prosper and live in abundance.

Babies are Hope and from them do we Change our lives for greater good. I am praying for more children to be birth in this nation of love and vibrance.
I am praying for unity of family and for guidance and direction of each souls with one Spirit. I am praying for souls to spring forth and be magnified with God's blessings.

America surpasses all fears and anxiety by the Name YHVH - Yeshua! Jesus Christ! Let US not be disheartened but rest in the Glory of God's love for mankind. This I pray in Jesus name.

America is a nation guided by the Lord and will grow in reliance upon Him who created US in His image.

Fear not: for I am with thee.
Isaiah 43:5

God is love.
1 John 4:8

Love Always,

Jacqueline V. Illera

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