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Greetings Groban Success!

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on July 16, 2012 - 8:49am

Good morning Josh! In just a few moments from now I will be able to see you on the Josh at Kelly Live Show!

It aches my heart to not even be in NY but I know I'm here for very particular purpose. As I traveled west coast from NY only on thing was in my heart...I want to open up the skies in prayer a great opportunity for the Groban work to flourish. Only you did I pray for and no other artist. This is something that I should have done before on my way to Florida but at that point I took the plane. It was destined for me to pray for the road. There are just some thingst that requires total obedience. My R shoulder dislocated on my way to California and was restored without a trace in 3 days. I was consistently reminded to continue my journey West despite my resistance. I can only trust and obey. This must be. The Lord showed me that I did not listen to Him as much as He wish. I was filled with sadness and emptiness. The joy was gone...stolen by the enemy but I was given a sanctuary with my friends.

On my journey over 40 hours I had the time to fellowship with Jesus only. I cried a lot to let go of so much heartfelt emotions I had not let go of before. I felt renewed and more intuned. My spirit was celebrating despite my despair of leaving NY.

The keys are given to me at a church vision. There will be a tremendous release of people from the media. Transformation of some of the biggest supporter of the underworld will be released. Healing will take place in Hollywood and many of the media. Much like a chess game and a match.

As the week went by on my journey to California I can sense more and more of God's hand and provision. Much of my prayers for the media to show the truth are being answered. Being hated for a time sure pays off! The leaders of many churches are busy teaching. They are finally convicting people of the truth, shedding light, exposing evil, welcoming sinners back into the fold with greater fervor than ever. Truly they are annointed.

I am in the eyes of many a so called hippocrite and that I admit for I know I am a sinner. I am called to fulfill a task of simply speaking it out. That's it! No great superhero ability...just speak it out! And now I'm even doing comedy and singing.

Now I know my singing isn't the best but tell you...My voice has killed and suppressed many demonic incantations. Even the whisphers! I'm like a little diva in heaven. The angels and Saints all knows my name. I visit and request a lot in heaven like a persistent child. If ever you see my video it is nothing compare to my prayers. There is truly Power in THE Name JESUS! And Jesus Loves Jews! It's like key that opens many doors. It works...I doubted it before just not to offend any Jews but it's my good friend Revivalist Rodney Franks that told me I have to use it!

The breakdown and divisions of Illuminati or whatever it may be called by now is imminent. I predicted this over a year ago...I think you'd remember. I can see a lot of musicians missing the scene. I will not name them but they will be fortified to take on better roles. Relationship with God is the only way.

Taking refuge in the Lord's name...That's it! In Jesus. There is no other Name. For those who seek peace will return to the Lord. Much to be given away.

I look in the news and see the deaths. We don't need to wait for the end of the world. There is no guarantee in this world. One can gain success and fame...only to find themselves dying in a short while. The key is Relationship with The Father! Jesus is the Way. (Am I preaching here?) It has been written.
Admittance to heaven is not based on heterosexuality nor homosexuality. Relationship with the Father in Heaven.

Again you will see the Our Father being the most important prayer thought by Jesus Christ! Matthew 6:9!

As grace is removed from the US it lies in the hearts and minds of all Christians and Jews instead. This is a great manifestation of the Holy Spirit...Thru Man.

Luke 1:37 With God nothing is impossible.

My leaving NY the Lord inclines my heart that I am gaining. Gaining his affection...gaining influence...gaining peace and Love thru obedience. It's not a matter of logic or interest and although my heart sank to leave...There is a purpose! A greater purpose! Of which I will find sooner or soon!

Santa Rosa is where one of our Church is planted and missionaries are coming to celebrate the Lord in Santa Rosa... Realize that the Bohemian Grove is right there. And we are making known the things of the Lord into the hearts and minds of people. We are now praying for leaders and members and only thru Love can we bring them all into the Presence of the Lord.

I am certain that my orders to minister to the comedians is well under way. My heart will always be with the Jews but strategies of fortification under LOVE is under way!

I can no longer be bitter for I am to set an example. I am promoting Romance and virtues. Romance is wonderful and speaking the truth in Love! Convicted with Love!

Ohhh! I feel like a little bunny! So soft and sweet! A singing bunny! Seeking for my beloved bunny! Grovanni!

Anyhow I don't want to get carried away here but I have much love to give than ever before. I'm singing and dancing! Hatikvah is really amazing. It is now being translated for the world to enjoy...I love it!

I hope you do not mind if I pull out some of your music for parody. I just love them dearly and I know I can bring people to a new light in a comedic way. I'm even thinking of a little cooking lessons along with Popera Music.

I can see many musicians joining a show with cooking Opera! It is sweet and dramatic and yes...Romance with food is unbeatable! Chew got a good point but I can see it expanding some more.

Comedy is no longer for the deaf and blind. Watch it grow as I pray...I am planting seeds among barren lands!

I am now the new Rainbow Bright! We shall Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord! Time to move mountains!

Hmm...I saw this promo on Person of Interest with John Reese! By JJ Abrams. Wonder what is in store for Manhattan. I'm curious how this movie truly shoes genuine heroism. By the way...We are all Saints and Heroes!

John = ONE
Reese = Rise!

I'll have to see the brilliance in this heroic film. And darn it...Where was I in this film? I've already lost my cape...And I was hated badly...Time for redemption. In Jesus name only! But I've got time to prove my Love! However desperately seeking for Josh Groban!

Luke (Look!) 1:37 "It's your Father in Heaven!"

May the 444's be with you!

Gotta go...I'm watching Kelly Live! With My favorite! JOSH! Groban!


P.S. I love you!

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