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Groban Live Songs...

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on July 14, 2012 - 1:24pm

A newfound love of Josh Groban songs...
Don't know what this is but I can sense open spheres of repertoire for many of Josh Groban songs.

The lyrics is what sets the Groban songs apart from everything else.

I have an exciting vision of radio stations, musicals and interactive media catering to cross training and music appreciation. Much like a Fruit Salad music with food interpretations. Perhaps a mini skit performance and a dare to sing the Josh Groban songs. Painting with music and sound mix.

Listen to melodies while the sugars are poured...tasting blueberries while the lyrics recreated into the song. Yummy songs. I could taste and kiss the lyrics and even sway my hips to the music. It's gonna be lovely!

Imagine inviting comedians to the music and taste!!! Chris Rock to interpret the Josh Groban song...Even get Ozzie for a little rock fusion with POPERA!

Imagine the possibilities...politicians would even like a little exposure to the Josh Groban taste and see episode.

Imagine the aspiring artists from the NY City subways coming over for a quick performance over dessert baking. It would be just like home. Music and food combined like never before.

And of course a great comic relief with grannies recipe and interactive u-stream daring the oldies to sing along. You'll be surprise at the boom and bang of these fun and seductive food and popera!

The poperazzi's will be astounded at the frequency and severity of spontaneous performance on stage and romance in the kitchen...

I just love it!

Lovingly Yours....
Jackey! (Shakig my hips as end this note!!!) Wooohhooooh!

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