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(H) I Her Window! Hi G(roban) Her Winslow!

EstherT1's picture
on May 13, 2012 - 3:55pm

I remember the first time I saw Josh Groban in Person It was in a Chapel in London...An 8 sisded Church where he sang, "Changing Colors." Something happened inside me. I felt like I was the only person Josh Groban was singing to. It felt as if the song was only created for me. It was insane I told myself. This man does not even know my name but I don't know how all the songs fell in my heart like a brick and I was mesmerized by his beauty in white shirt... Simple but yet magnetic. Josh moved like an Angel...Eyes like one captivated by beauty of someone we can't barely see. I know it was hard to see from stage but it felt like Josh can feel every soul in that Church.

I wanted to write this letter in memory of my first time meeting the King in Action. Whose songs can stop numerous acts of terrorism with words of kindness unsurpassed by any other artist.

And each time I heard the song Higher Window it never failed that I stood in a place where Josh seems to have strategically sang the song facing me among a sea of men and women. I doubt he could see me but I wondered if perhaps for some divine coincidence He sang the song for me. Like a physician who walks a person's deathbed...Josh sang to my soul like a lark reminding me that life is beautiful despite all the tragedy and sadness I've witnessed and where my sould cries.

The Higher Window is a port where one can escape the current tide of sadness into a clear blue sky where dreams are made of and paradise begins.

Today I lay in my spirit that very cloth of a King meant to do greater things in simple ways. Where an instrument of music and a sound of ones voice can stop an agry heart and revive a woman from a deep sleep and relentless pain.

There will be more revelations to uncover from Hidden Away to the songs of letting go...Alejate. One day I will finish the story of Elijah and Celeste, "Beyond the Wilderness!" It starts in NY and ends in the dessert seas. A song meant for two. The Bells of New York City is a song of man The Prince hunted by the song of a woman in his mind that will lead him to many places in search of his roots out of he concrete jungle of NY to Mexico Haciendas, jungles of Brazil, the walls of China, the Roman Porticos, African safari, the wall of Israel, and deep Sahara dessert in search of a black linen scarf belonging to one woman who has the ring that unlocks many mysteries.

For you I lay the scarf of Black Ruth (Celestial woman of the East) in honor of many women in search of love among many lifetime of toils and pains hidden away from the eyes of many. It is you who will unveil the many women in silence into a song of love. For when the women in darkness finally utter- a song will break out to heal the land. It is the voices of these women that will circle the globe like a sonnet captivating hearts of men and women near and far. Love conquers all...The Power of Love hidden in a song...

Till then my beloved Song Bird...

Your's Truly,

Black Ruth

Till then my beloved still and know that YoU_ R_ LOVE!

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