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Hail Josh!

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on March 26, 2011 - 4:39pm

I'm finally starting to feel at peace despite the chaos in this world. It's been a whirlwind of catastrophe and much prayers. My mind has been so busy but lately I feel more at peace with learning just a little bit of the news hear and there. I have so much of my own work to do and been keeping up with tweeter.

Josh I succeeded to have everyone hate me! With over 200 follower who has witnessed me as a religious junky I am so glorified with their love and amazed they are even there! I suppose many still have a great sense of humor or probably identified with my concerns at some point. The negativity is not so overwhelming! No death threats.

Anyhow, I'll be practicing my 5 magic words and stir clear from sarcasm. I might just loose weight. I think I could pull out better funny stuff than the funny or die. I will try to give some ideas. All these cussing isn't half as funny. But I admit it does something for men's ego.

1. The news are becoming more like magazines and multicultural.
2. There are more funny stuff on twitter lives than ever.
3. Twitter news are looking really more positive and people are prayerful.
4. More positive activism is coming along.
5. Israel is doing better with reporting and celebrating.
6. Fears are fast dissipating from young folks.
7. Gays are starting to care and be more consciencious.
8. News don't feel alone reporting and many are learning the art of comedy for survival.
9. Immigration will increase the creativity and innovation.
10. Gays and sorceries are being a side foreskin than an identity.
The girls are climbing up! Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez..

Things I need to work on...
1. be more unifying,
2. more on grace
3. more on miracles
4. more on circumcision
5. more on parody
6. more on healing
7. more on enlightenment.
8. financial blessings
9. direction of youth
10. better example to others.

More squashing of the sorceries, gay spirits, occultist, spiritualist. More on the resurrections, healings, miracles.

Hmm... I can't wait to see you Josh! New Orleans

Voce Existe Em Mim has a rock component to it! Tan tan tan tan...
classic TI..TI...ti..ti..

It's like a movie...
At work they really love the Broken Vow...Most of my co-workers just love you Josh especially when they drive. I too love to blast out your songs. It somehow graces the grounds as I drive by.

Now...many of my friends from around the world are starting to pray for all that concerns the Lord. It's like a mass exodus of knowledge is being distributed and I feel less and less alone. The resistance in the sky is less but warrior prayers still stands.

I have a strong sense that your brother and you Josh will have a wonderful project brewing - a masterpiece. The voices of your songs are starting to fill up with spirited souls of many singers and children's choirs!

Many blessings from the Heart of the Lord and mine...


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