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Holy spirit at work!

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on February 25, 2011 - 8:28am

I slept and my back just hurt! Now it's morning and I'll be on the roll for work and prayers! We need the Exodus International to help the gays and lesbians. I don't think we can reach out to everyone but repentance is needed Isaiah 65. I love the gays and this is hard for me but I'm called to be truthful! I don't make money praying for people I just know that many of my prayers are answered!

If I can hear your voice! The rest of the world can hear your voice Josh! Your name is special tot he Lord and the heavens magnify your voice. Even I can sing a little already! Hopefully I get better!

Josh you are doing a splendid job and I want you to do just what you are doing! Thanks for the flags! It's International Voice of Love and Compassion! You make the world cry and heal from their oppression, grief and pain! I love you for that!

I can not pledge allegiance to any sorcery, gay marriage and drugs because it's already killing the children. Gay people struggle with God to the point of renouncing the Lord's name to keep their lifestyle! It competes with the Holy Spirit so they operate under the flesh! The Lord loves them but it's a struggle just like any other vanity we all have. The spirit of lust and gayness is the same as sorcery. We all struggle with them. I wish the scriptures were not written but it's there for us to adhere to know the way! Isaiah 65!

If you look at the name of Jesus as Isa! It may be that the Lord wants the Muslims to read Isaiah first! They don't know that the Lord have the Jews to enlighten the world. The rest of us here in the US runs the problem of being under Martial Law and Shariah law will take place if we do not proclaim the name of the Lord! We are at a critical time!

The Jews are opening up their eyes because they are used to holding on their guns instead of building connections around the world. The fear is overpowering the Jews to proclaim the biblical truth! Many of them have lost faith in God and just live day to day! They are unaware of salvation! Most Jews here are open to the salvation already which is why the US is still with money!

Your songs will breakdown the fear of the Jews and open door for them to gather people in Zion and send forth their Yeshiva to the rest of the world to proclaim God's word. Babylon is Babylon and Mecca is in Babylon. Based on Revelation 17 we are close to toppling the Mecca prayer! The Arabs used to face Zion not Mecca but the followers of Mohammed obliterated the teachings!

Mohammed saw Zion and therefore most likely came to face Jesus Christ but He did not write the Koran. A priest and a rabbi most likely did the writing under the sword. Arabs don't get anything out of Allah! This is why you did not see them give me a strong opposition! The name YHVH is too powerful and will crush all sorcery.

Lady Gaga - I care about her! Her sould is crying out but she is trapped under the spell of the gay spirit that she is under. Deep inside there are lots of good in her but the Kabbala is most likely the culprit. Madonna is very hard to get thru because she must have made a strong pack! The only way to get her out of it is to keep magnifying the Lord and renounce her religion.

September 25, 2010 is when I started praying and the resistance in the spirit was a lot. My church New Life and a few other churches I reached out in heard my plead and we all prayed! It was a spiritual battle. Israel is unaware that all the underground churches and the Christians had been praying to release the Muslims from the bondage of Mecca.

These people in Libya are not mobilized by Muslim Brotherhood! They have no weapons. If the terrorist got them they should be blowing themselves up but that's not the case! They want life!

I only prayed for word of wisdom. I'm not clairvoyant but every morning from time to time the Lord shows me his pain or a way to make people see him more clearly! It's just like a child. I did get a prophecy before I became a Christian is that the Kingdom of God is for the little children!

I am prayed for and all these elderly women all told me I'm an ambassador for the lost! I don't like the title at all so I don't say it! But I did the You Tube as a pledge to the Lord for my alligeance to his cause! Look many of the You Tube and Wikipedia, Time magazine and Geek squad and kids picked up on taking courage to voice their opinions this is great! I will continue to bless and expose the false teaching.

Honestly I just want to fool around sometimes but the Lord tugs in my heart to keep the faith and be bold in facing the Muslims, the sorcerers, and the gay!

Marriage is sacred because the Union of God who is YHVH to the nations is a Marriage! This is from the Book of Ruth! All Jews know this book!

The widows and women in the Arab countries are sensing the presence of YHVH which is why they are becoming bold. If Israel / the Jews reached out to the women the men will follow these women. There are many good men in muslims countries but they are obliterated by the Koranic teachings. Jews and Christians have to share the knowledge of the Bible.

Visiona and prophesy in Israel will take place significantly in these few days. I will keep blessing them and all the elders will be speaking to many of the children about the truth! US is finally allowing the elders to speak on our television and this is great!

The spirit of lust, agony, gay, etc. We are all sinners and need repentance. I don't like the job but I have to. They are not listening to their pastors, priest and rabbi many times and sometimes it takes poeple like me to make a stand.

Obama is bringing this country to Sodom and Gomorrah spirit. He is deceived but on stage for puppetry. We need to raise another good candidate for Presidency and stop Martial law implementation thru active govenment involvement. The US is the Eagle in the last days! This is the last days! It may be 2 to 20 or 30 years but I doubt it! All just have to be prepared! All Christians and Jews have to Unite and bring the good blessing to all around! People most especially gays are loved but the Exodus of many of them has to happen. Repenting gay vs. proud gay! The word of the Lord is the double edge sword! It will divide people - faithful and idolatrer. Your job and mine are simply to invite and promote the Love of God. It's not that hard but it's not always easy either. Sorcery vs. Holy Spirit. Mecca vs. Zion. We already know who will win so the job is easy!

I will go to your concert and get a ticket sometime. I'm arranging my finances still and I'd welcome any financial miracle. The key is to keep blessing and keep moving.

Revelation will be the most sought after book just like Daniel was before the coming of Christ! The people will see and Israel will be empowered. Zion will remain to the last days! Even the US may not exist but Zion will remain which is why I kept having all the business funnel their money to Zion! It was not a joke or a way to annoy people I have to be strong to make it happen. Same goes for Circumcision! All of them must be reminded of the Covenant of God with Man.

The Jews will become the real superheros it's already predicted and look at the Last Supper. All the Jews with excemption of Judas 11 of them are superheroes!

Do you see the sandals in the Last Supper! It's important for Jews and see the Book of Ruth! Shoes were important. Lacy Linnea looked for her sandals as well.

Josh I'm safe with you...You're safe with my thoughts. I could be your greatest fan or whatever you want me to be but I will always remain the Daughter of God the Father. To him I pledge my life and all that good comes from him all the mistakes are mine.

Josh I love you for all that you do. I wish I mean more to you but I'm just thankful with all that I have till the the next chapter unfolds. I have to be patient and obedient to the love of God. I have to say the truth even if it hurts.

I love you once again and to the rest of the Grobanites! Abundance in wisdom, faith and joy!
Mahal Kita Kapantay ay Langit Sinta !



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