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How's my Boyfriend?

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on March 22, 2011 - 12:57am

I was talking on the phone with my best friend Christine and her son is asking how Josh Groban is going. My friend teases me about you since she's on facebook. Her and I think in sync many times and probably the only one of my friends who listens to me and fears nothing of what I do. She is my saving grace in good and tough times. I have another 7 best friends in different places. Some are young and some are old. Christines kids think I live nearby and demands for me to hang out on weekdays like I used to to play puzzle. Her older son gets jealous when we talk about you! Alex calls you Joshie!

I played my iphone at worked and found out my co-workers are josh fans as well. I'm not managing anymore so I'm just going to different buildings and treating patient. I'm so relieved!

I've been avoiding the facebook site just to not worry my sister who thinks I've moved to the other side of the planet. Anyhow! My sister's been doing much better and her Left eye is closing. 1 week of facial palsy can drive any woman nuts! Jason Mraz had that problem and so did Bette Davis. I've treated patients with Palsy before and trying to coach my sister is really not easy when I'm not there. I never told her that her facial palsy is a divine appointment - it sounds weird! Full name Lucille Yvonne Iris V. same last name as mine. It means light strong emotional power Ylle (My real last name starts with Y historically not I) Yvonne (archer) Iris (rainbow eye) Valer (to value).

My sister is special in the eyes of God. The Lord showed me that a year after my mother died. She has a lot of gifts untapped because she's very Catholic and not fully in the spirit of the Lord. I never could tell her the vision I saw of her. Loosing a parent makes siblings act crazy. There was a point she tried to disown me. She was treated like an adult at a young age and parented both our parents with her saintly demeanor as a child. I was the little rascal and she later resented my ability to be a child while she became my parent and parents to both my parents. My sister read the old testament at age 8. She reads anything and everything. She looked a lot like Ann Frank as a child and won many medals for Veritas contest.

She has clairvoyance but it overwhelms her and out of fear does not have the boldness. My father was the same way but he used humor to get his point across. Dad is a great comedian but he usually relay a future solution without letting me in on the whole picture. Who I am is because of my dad.

The vision that I received happened when I prayed that the Lord will teach my sister a good lesson for trying to disown me. I was so mad at my sister back then. Then the Lord showed me how from one Island He call her. My sister was in another island on the left side. She somehow got transformed into a beautiful princess with elaborate outfit fit for a queen. She turned into a very beautiful being and many spirits die out beause of her power which are manifested by numerous spiritual weapons.

I could never tell her about this dream but soon I might when I meet her. My father side has very strong evangelical calling. Both my aunts are avid Christians who went to Israel. My one cousin is a Philosophy teacher along with her husband. My aunt has visions from the Lord and my cousin's son is named Isaiah and Isabel.

Some of my greatest inspiration are my families name and Joshie.

I'm so sleepy it's not even funny!
Manana Banana!
Yo' M She lazy! (Tuesday for Jews)

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