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I am the Master of my TV

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on September 28, 2011 - 1:23am

Hollywood only gives what they think we want. I will tell you a better way to make people watch TV. Teach them well how to be a better person. Give scholarships, give money to the poor. Teach compassion to animals. Visit the elders. Visit the people in prison. Teach results of drug addiction and crimes. Crime does not pay and drugs can kill. I need more Josh Groban and cast of good characters to teach .

There were times when Hollywood was a place to look up on people who are really talented. Hollywood = Crucifixion Nowadays many are just brats without class teaching vanity, insanity and getting away with crimes and corruption. Who is the hippocrite here? The people who struggle to go to church and be a better person or those who claim to be god themselves but can't create miracles but rather illutions.

I want hollywood to teach positive behavior. How to be a better role model to society. How to cope with depression and anxiety through food and good moral teahings. Have some class and a heart that loves the Father in Heaven! If that's too hard to do remember we can always cultivate the souls. Grow some conscience.

Teach people to turn off their computer if they feel like being bullied by Hollywood. There is a right and wrong way to live whether we like it or not. There are things around us that can kill us even if we deny the possibility.

Good never goes out of style!

They complained of cyberbullying but never knew they are the bullies. Not once did I hear them make mentioned of Suicide Prevention no. Killing the voice of reason will not stop sickness and death.

I know some people still cares and I hope they donate money to Suicide Prevention programs.

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