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I can't make you love me!

EstherT1's picture
on February 21, 2011 - 6:05am

I just watched you Josh sing the National Anthem! It's rocking the world Josh! I wish I could be there but I was taking my plane back. You look a bit somber I thought...Must be the black outfit. You don't seem so happy but you did a fantastic job, heartfelt, heart wrenching song. Poignant. The flag opened dramatically and you built up the song. You searched the audience like a lion but kept a humble appearance. Quite fitting for the occation. Home of the brave...struck a cord for a time such as this...

Then I came to my senses! I can't make you love me.
And I can't even get a dog because I move so much!

And yes! I'm the better bitch ( I am a little do in on twitter yah know!) than Lady Gaga - She has a little butt by the way I do try to be gentle when I spank her.
And Madonna is another flat butted white witchy! I slap her ever so gently! (I hope you laugh!) If you know how much I had to pray for those two...I had hives over the week just thinking about them. Lady Gaga was wearing latex! What is she a penis? And she's donating money to save her from taxes probably to planned parenthood who has promoted all those abortions! 1/4 women will have had an abortion by their 40's. 50% of black pregnancies are terminated! And why is the world more Islamic? Oh yeah because they promote them to have kids and martyrs. We haven't taught much to children lately that's the problem.

Converse shoes! Did you start the Jfrog? Really? The kushing shoes that brought everyone to riot in the Middle East? Oh yeah Scarlet and Gold? The war at home? Broken vow? Straight to you... You are a legend and a Lark.

(Alright we had nothing to do with it! The world was boiling! We did not start the was going on since the world we know it!)

Then Lady Gaga comes out of a serpents egg and the rest of the vermins were hatched along side her. And everybody thought! Is that Madonna? And yes! She slithered and crawled! Everyone was so happy! Great party! Yeah!
OK this is just a joke those two could try to be better role models than idolatrers.

Just a parody - this is a journal so I can say as I please to vent. Yes it's just a show! They are lovely ladies underneath all the gore! They have got to behave a little.

I may be a little fat but I'm home grown and I'm not flat and crawly! And I don't send kids to hell! I spank their butts lovingly and scare them, then they start straightening up! (That makes me a little witchy now but it works!) If you remember how many of them are cussing away and later they they behaved! I kicked them out of class and they now they know how it feels to be kicked out. It's just twitter okay! Oh yeah! The Muslims are rioting! I have to set a good example! Never be too bashful is what works for me. In person I'm more diplomatic but I have to be honest with my feelings otherwise it's not real! Hey! I didn't write the rules. I'm still meh and it's not cute nor nice! I can't make you love me...This is bad...bad...bad...

Now you go ahead and get the isshes moving while I spank the Ishas around the world.

No more illuminaughties! I'm giving them pats to turn their old butts around. They are not going anywhere till they do what they came here for. In the NAME.

You forgot about me alreay? Okay...

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