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I got to be RICH!

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on June 2, 2012 - 5:58am

My nephews are growing up and one is not making the grades. Brandon Grove is a kid who never knew his father because his dad was a mess. My father held this son before he died. For some reason my dad kept my cousins picture in his pocket. I knew he felt that my cousin Let's Christine Joy should have picked a better partner. Brandon was born soon after my cousin and her boyfriend came to visit. He was 3 months premature and was deemed to be blind or retarded. I found out later my cousin was beaten up by her boyfriend and she went into labor. Brandon was so tiny and my cousin Cristy another Christine gave him blood transfusion. Brandon was in the hospital for months. He was close to death but but made it. Later on my cousin had a son named Christian. Both of them are good despite all. I cannot say how often their mom made mistakes...which I attribute to a head injury twice from a vehicle accident. Before my mom died she told me, "take care of that boy...your cousin needs help!". All of us loves their mom despite whatever that happens.

My nephew believes in me. You have no idea how much I kept a good image to set a good example for all my nieces and nephews. One of them Jordan just got an award at Carneigi Hall for writing a 6 page paper on "Theory of Love Thru an Experiment." (I forgot exactly how he word it! ). Meryl Stype did the speech for them! The Winner Takes It All! My other niece just completed her High School Concert after College.

So I now need to make a decision of moving to California to make more money and support those two kids who are now 17 and 11 years old. A lovely mess my cousin made. Those two ended up in the foster home for some domestic issues. It breaks my heart because my cousin cannot afford an apartment right now. Brandon wants to be a pharmacist. He can be brilliant but high school was a mess because of issues at home. I'm praying the Lord guides their path well. For now Brandon ask ed me for Nike! Just do It! I'm sending money to his aunt just for him to get the one he wants. He once played flute in a concert! It was an amazing concert. Brandon wants me to adopt him! At the least I could give him good advise and influence. Actually he looks a lot like my dad! I told him things will get better and just focus. I told him to take good care of his brother. He said, "Alright! I will!" I told hi, I'm doing stand up comedy and I will be famous! Because I have to...I have the best Jokes for the world to hear!

You don't know how it makes me cry... My life was far from perfect but my parents taught me well. Brandon grew up with with a step dad who made him feel inferior. My father never had a son but treated me like a Princess and a Duke! My father never hit me even when I threw temper tantrums. He couldn't afford Private School but made his brothers and sister pay for our tuition so we became smart! This's all about my family and comedy. I just pray for an out pouring from heavens to know what to do...where to go and how! I can't be everywhere but I want to help uncle broke a hip in Florida and will be in the nursing home. I have to figure out where to really go...My love life is a whopping Zero! I'm in love with this journal so much I even dreamt of Josh again. Even in my dreams I am so shy to speak with him. It's sad because I think we have a lot in common...minus the family mess.

One year to get Brandon in the right track! Help me Lord Jesus! You are so sweet to me even when I wasn't good. Praise You My Lord and Savior! Bless Bryant Park and the Gathering. I will be taking part in the movie skit at 10 Am.

Bless all Grobanites!

Jackie Illera

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