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I love NY

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on March 23, 2012 - 6:15am

I'm in New York!  Apple is in the big Apple!  Woooh hooh!  

Now I need a place to live and have my car.  New York will never be the same again.  

Few thing I found out before I left Florida.  

My Mother's last name is Valer = to value.  My mother would never let me leave out that last name.  Jacqueline Sharon Valer Illera is too long so I removed the Sharon ( flower, Ron = song) for my Passport to keep Jacqueline V. Illera.  I need my Sharon back! I want to be a Song again! Oh! I just thought of this! Jacqueline came from Jacob. As in Line of Jacob. Maybe I should have a daughter named Israeline! Sophia Israeline Celeste...

My aunt Elen  Valena who is my mom's sister told me that Valer is a replacement for De La Virgen.  now it doesn't make sense that the Spaniards remove De La Virgin.  My aunt Elen said, "The Spaniards think it was too long!" That's really funny I thought.  No. 1. Domiciano Valer is a 3rd degree mason from Knights of Columbus.  He was a major in Bicol, Camarinez Sur.  My Grandma Salvacion Ramirez Valer too was a Major and a woman's rights suffrage activist back in the 40's.  Then their only son became a Major and died with kidney problems - no children.  Valer is no longer continued.  Anyhow it never belonged to the family only an adopted name.  

"De La Virgen" too is a joke! How could a virgin have a child?  

I wanted to fing my ancestry and find out how much of it is from Spain, China, Portugal and Africa.  I took a DNA ancestral test.  I should see the result next week once I have an address.  

For Sure Yllera is from Spain.  My aunt Izabel on my Father's side told me they still have family back in Andalucia.  Yllera winery may be related to me but I'm not sure.  Edward Marshall Lopez Yllera ( ey yeah rah! ) was never adopted name.  Valer is an adopted name replacing De la Virgen.  Domiciano Valer is the grand son of a priest from perhaps Spain - we don't know the name.  Frias was the grandmother but we don't know the priest last name.   

I have yet to see a an actual document with the name of De la Virgen from my mothers grandfather's. There has to be a written record knowing my family's obsession with genealogy. 

I have a few relatives here in NY.  I can't wait to meet them some weekends when I have my own place.  It may be Queens like Jack queen or Jackbrooklyn!  Unless I pick Jackhattan.  

Alright too much information.  I'm here to network and build up people.  The Lord blessed me indeed.  Josh Groban is somewhere around the world and I' here!  What else may be will be.   

This is where I see myself expanding in My career.  I want to do sculpture, Improv and teach Manual Therapy.  Go to concerts,  meet Josh!  Meet Josh!  Meet Josh!  Oh! Yes! I'm a dreamer.  And yes!  My dreams do come true!   

Plan A live in Queens keep my car, work in school and out patient, get paid doing therapy!  I can travel and drive everywhere I need to go!  There will be plenty of resources and visit sites!  

Plan B.  Live in Manhattan, no car, work in Nursing Home, Outpatient, take Improv, sculpture.  I will have to work extra here and there!  Rosevelt Island sounds really cool!  

The Prayer of Jabez for Josh Number 1

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