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I shouldn't say this

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on February 6, 2011 - 4:26pm

Believe it or not...


I have this vision Jesse (Let's not call him J_S_s because I'm not sure) opened the door where the Ark of The Covenant is and he moved it out of place. Then there was this opening under the floor of blue goo. The they were moving like bodies. Jesus pulled them out then called them jews but they look like smurfs! It's just a thought of course!

The Jesus showed me the library and He rearranged all the books and moved some away. I tried to read it but He said it's Aramaic and won't make any sense to me. He moved them out of the library.

Then the door open and old men in like monks came in. Some with beard. He tapped them on the back and powder came out of the back. He told me to do the same as many more came to enter. I don't know what the patting of the back does but they were lining up for it in order! I though we need to be more efficient so I asked for wings and feather wands to pat them all on the back...

Many of the old men were crying so He sent them to another room to have their crying session. I don't know if they got done crying yet. Then Jesse told me to pick up some wings to attach on their backs. I asked to call on other kids.

Now that's a weird thought!

What I really had been doing is squeezing the snake out of Madonna's butt and flinging it around the room till it's as small as a lizard then I put them in the jar to be sent away and eaten by cockroaches! I did the same when I used to do Hudna1 for Muslims. Now many nations are being freed but the riot is beyond me.

Anyhow Madonna wasn't very thrilled with that as she can't do her yoga but I am determined to extract all snakes out of her! Later on she gets the picture she's not gonna win so broke down and cried! She's practicing Kundalini - the same ritual that Lacy used to do and I ended up exorcising her on her bedside nor realizing it! The snake comes out of the mouth or they poop it out! I know it sounds aweful but people do have sex with the devil intentional or not. The Kundalini rides up their ass into their spine and then it goes into the brain and controls their mind. They get tantric experience out of it but it corrupts their mind like a parasite! Okay so it's my imagination - I will see what happens next!

Can someone please tell her there are no singers in hell. I had a dream and it look like a turd - black poooh bubbling in a see of nothing! It's a dream where I can't see the Lord at all but He took me there in my dream. Then he scooped a handful of ailing souls. Next I was in looking at the sunrise over a sea and it was beautiful. God said, "Now you must get them out of there!"

Later on I started doing YouTube for teaching as Hudna1. The Holy Spirit is moving in all directions! If only the Jews and Christians learn to be sheep among the wolves we can get the Muslim Brotherhood to realize Christ!

3 things to make Muslims believe in Christ...
1. Immaculate Conception
2. 3rd Holy Site Al-Aqsa Mosque with Mohammed - explain the Zion - Crucifixion and resurrection.
3. Dreams
4. Food for the kids.
5. Western movies.
6. Bar-B-Que - they love food - Remember Esau?
7. Towrat and Ingil are Torah and Synoptic gospels.

Illuminati and Kabbala leaders will turn to Zion via Holy Spirit but first the Pentecostal and Evangelicals and Rabbi need to meet and proceed teachings to reform their schools. This is crazy because the drugs have to go if only they realize it's funding terrorist indirectly through drug lords dealings. Israel will be in turmoil till the muslims realize that the real enemy is Satan who wants them lifeless and dead. They don't believe the Covenant of God with Man but through the Evangelicals and Messianic Jews they will receive!! The Ultra-Orthodox has deviced plan to limit Chritian Evangelization but bible teaching is meager for the middle East therefore they are killing themselves and all other faiths.

Only time can tell us how! Songs and food are heavily needed. The BLast Super Bowls are needed in the Middle East so they can play ball and futball.

I want to cry but I was told I shouldn't be a drama queen just do my duty and carry on...pout...pout...

I'll be headbutting the Illuminati and Kabbala in a few more weeks when I'm settled in Florida watch what will happen to these groups! Everyone else can join me. I am moving as of tomorrow but still in California till my liscence arrives for New York and Florida. I'll be a traveling therapist. That's practical. Other than that I'd like to have a show where all the therapist get to join an show their work in various rehab sites like military hospitals, Nursing homes and drug clinics.

The drugs has got to go Jews on drugs are prowned upon by the Lord as it makes them week for good work and revelation. There are many prophets from the children bound to take place at end times. Of course we don't know but the drugs and alcoholism will cause tremendous damage on these kids and blessings are loss. I want Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley, Beiber and all the young actors and singers to be better role models than the previous!

If I have the resources I want to follow them up like I follow you but not right now as I am too busy moving and teaching and work has to get done.

I wanted to go to David Letterman show but I think he's all booked up right now and I can't get in. Anyhow, I'm no stalker! I don't follow up on stars before at all. I am now your greatest fan but I never used to be anyone's fan. I know the Lord lead me to "Come See My Children!" I honestly would never guess American Jews and Kids - I used to think they are just the way they are...spoiled bratz but now I see that if I give my input with the rest the media will get better at portraying better shows and music that caters to human souls.

I thank you so much Josh as this is a great site for me to vent out all my frustrations.

Madonna believes in Jesus but of course it's on a superficial level. She will later realize one day it's not that superficial as I will be praying for her.

At some point I let things be as people eventually receive and this Christianity is no brainer as the evidence are astounding! I will press on like St. Paul. St. Paul is my alter ego (I don't mean that in a bad way! ) I love the roman centurian who become a believer afterwards!

I do all these teachings and writing out of love and imagination. Imagination kills the devil but we don't use it enough and we use alternatives like drugs.

The birds that died are saving grace for all of us Human beings who are being warned by the father up above.
Father = My God! Galileo Galilee!
Force be with Yah!



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