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I wanted to tell you...

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on June 30, 2012 - 7:01am

That it breaks my heart to leave NY. I love the people here but I can't be depended on the subway with all that is happening underneath it. I have to take care of my health and fitness. There is a way to change NY but it's going to start with all the people doing what they love from the heart..That is to change the way they live.

Whatever is happening in NY subway is nothing but neglect. It looks like a third world train station with all the garbage left from months before. The walls are peeling in some places with molds and stagnant water is really bringing out the best for all rats and mosquitoes to breed. I'm very sensitive to mosquito bites and rats make me itchy. Those rats can have lice and infect people, especially the bums who sleep in the subway. Someone should tell them where to shower. I'm bringing this to the table for the sake of the people. Please take the liberty to engage people in improving the subway system. This is hideous for any tourist. Rush hour is really bad...I've gotten stepped on and scratched due to a pack train. Sometimes the body odor is so bad that it gets really annoying. All comedians especially Jews notice it but I don't think it's being heard. There are good people too and very beautiful people. I can love all the comedy clubs and have a great time. But the fact remains. NY needs a better handle on their subways for everyone's sake.

It's going to cost a lot of money in healthcare alone and workforce if people start to get sick. I love NY for all the Jews here and all the amazing talent. Even then I don't think they should live like that using the dirty subways. It's very unhealthy!

The subway system is the same picture as the newspaper reporting full of bugs and lies. They are not letting the Jews speak up and for the truth to be known to people.

Considering that I'm a very brave person, I've traveled in places people dare not go. I have to be obedient to the calling. The Lord knows best so I will pray over NY to have a strong community despite of what any administration comes about. You have to understand, in the course of things to come. Israel and the Jews will remain. Both NY and Israel have a large amount of Jews and they are to influence the world further as the root of the Bible is from there. The health and welfare matters most. Jews need to speak up. The news need to witness upon Israel better. Commandment No. 9! Till then things get worst for the Israeli/Jews. Get the rods out already and spank with words! Things are not looking up till we all do. I'm leaving NY so you get the point.

I've spent time, money and sweat to be here. It's painful that I have no money to give to Israel because it's expensive to live here in NY. I can not risk my life in certain areas. I have to stay sober and alert. I was hoping to see more of Josh but as the tide turns I certainly will.

I'm seriously going to pursue more comedy by the wineries and San Francisco. It's my main way of expressing how I feel and voicing my concerns. Other than that this journals. Everyone seems to love it even the gays, Pakistani and most especially the liberal Jews. I'm hoping to meet some of the greatest directors and comedian exposure there in San Fran area. I will even do some in Carmel one of these days. I need to get back to Berkeley one of the most liberal colleges. I want the Lord to take me where He wants me. Comedy will know my name East and West coast. Comedy will replace the over 900 videos I've done in the last two years. And yes...I'll be famous for lifting a finger...The middle One!

And each time I speak...I want the world to resonate with me. Only I have the lines I one else and with all my lines...I will win people for Israel. Mark my words! I'm on a mission...I will lift up all the good names in music industries and magnify the Truth in a funny way. I will release the crowd from the spoils of the enemy. They will be vibrant and courageous...they will say, "If this girl can do it! I can too! "

I will be praying cross country. Wake them up Lord Jesus is what I always say. I listen to you Josh when I'm on the road...Little Drummer Boy and Closer, Awake, Voce Existe Em Mim.

All pagans on high places will be brought down. This is what is happening in America. It is only the matter of truth and devotion that many will persist and enjoy that which is crucial for the hearts and minds.

I'm leaving NY not because I want to but because I am asked to do so. I will come back. By then all that needs to pass will have passed.

In two years time...NY subway will transform. Things may have to get worst before they get better. But remember...This girl pointed it out...and I mean that in the most selfless manner. We can all pitch in to make the subway better.

I hate to leave NY. But I must go...and while I'm driving I pray all of the Jews to speak up! Speak up! Speak UP! Before it's too late! Speak now or forever hold your Peace!

And once I get a good gig here in the US with Comedy...I'll be in Israel to do some and lift them up! And as promised...I will give to Israel my own MONEY! Because I love to Bless Israel!

So if you see a girl driving on the road...Think of me...For this girl LOVES life and will do what she can to make a difference. And Josh Groban You will hit NO. 1 because I love YOU! I love you till the ends of the Earth! I will think of you and say your name as I do my Comedy. Please feel free to join me. I do a really fun job as a Coquettish Catholicish Sweetheart!

So let's go...NY subway project...Let's get cleaned up and get the lice out of the rails...get the bugs out...get the rats out...Get the musicians more stage and clean up the trams...We have high schools and Colleges in on the train beautification! Make them smell nice and let's get donations and dedication on the walls.
And yes! When I come back to New York I want to enjoy the subway train and bless everyone I meet...I would really love to do one big Comedy act at Bryant Park! I'm keeping it close to my heart!

Bless you all and many more good days to come to New York...And Josh...No. 1 and I want your picture on the Subway system....I got my eye on you Josh...Keep it up! I will magnify your name! Always!

Much love and blessings,

From the One and Only,

Catholic School Girl - The Apple of MY EYE!

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