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If you wish...

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on July 10, 2011 - 11:45pm

"If you wish to travel fast, travel light. Take off all your enemies, jealousies, unforgiveness, and fears. " ---Glen Clark

It's been stressful week in the life of Ms. Lee. She entered in a Glen Clark quote in her journal to close off the night. Tired from setting up her office at home and after adding in more books and classic old records in her library her shoulders are killing her...She pops in an old record from her armoire and listened to old music and Spanish Guitar. She drifted to sleep.

Suddenly Professor Lee finds herself in the class teaching Spanish guitar classics. The students started looking up old popular songs and Marcus along with Maduri are both intently researching old movies like Zorro and cowboys in Mexico. Soon after the bell rang and the students hurried up to their next class with homework from Prof. Lee.

And the Spanish guitar continued on to play faintly. Principal Bastiani walked in with such intensity that jolted Professor Lee as he stood behind her. The last students had just left.
Prof. Lee, " What is it now Mr. Bastiani...You seem to be brewing underneath your scarf.." The principal took off his scarf..." The students are going over board with some of these skits...Ms. Lee... I can't have the LGBT start clamping down on these students for some derogatory gay jokes.." In her defense, Professor Lee yelled fuming ( an unlikely response from Wanda in class), "Excuse me Mr. Bas...Ti...Ahh..Ni! I specifically mentioned to the students that they are to do a class act on How not to be a bully! If it is part of their acting skit... they can most certainly present what seems like a verbal banter in order to reflect what bullying is about ahhh..." The Light shut down and Mr. Bastiani in shadows, "What the..." Ms. Lee, " Go on...and I'm sure this is just a joke right! Where is the flashlight!" The two continued arguing down the hall and the next thing you know the light turned on and off in an eerry manner but the spanish guitar continue to play a very sultry seductive tune...The two continued on as they walked into the back of the theater to find the flashlight. And as the music went the lights shut down completely and Mr. Bastiani, "You sure your students are not doing this..." Ms. Lee, "Oh sure Mr. B it's my students! As if they are not your student's your highness..." And as Ms. Lee let out her fuse she tripped and fell over into Mr. Bastiani down the steps but surprisingly felt electrified...The two started kissing intimately as the lights flickered back and forth..." Tangled together like rope they spiralled down the stairway effortlessly locked lipped. The two were halfway naked when the stage opened and the whole audience of students took their pictures..." Ms. Lee completely mortified while Mr. Bastiani have his mouth wide open..." Ms. Lee screamed inside while they huddled on the floor..." Then all of a sudden Wanda woke up from a nightmare as the Spanish guitar concluded. Wanda blushed and mortified from her dream started laughing... Then she recalled her mother, "You like this guy don't you...!" Wanda abruptly claims, " Absolutely not!" She turned off the Spanish record and slept in the library of the basement and said to herself, " Thank God it's just a dream! It would be a horrible news on CNN and MSNBC." Her imagination ran wild as the thought of being fired by the Superintendent along with police handcuffs entered her mind. Then as she fell asleep she had another dream that she was handcuffed in jail with Mr. Bastiani arguing over the result of their passionate kiss in the auditorium. The next thing she knew he started kissing her with both their arms on their back and somehow her ankles are also locked on the principal chair. The she woke up! " Oh my! This has got to stop!" Then again as she closed her eyes she drifted back to sleep.

Students are cramming up for the weekend skits with a few questionable slumber parties to make it throught on top of students science Pysics on the Law of Thermodynamics...

Maduri, " Rashid, I'm soo tired but I gotta make it in physics..."
Rashid, " What's so hard about it! Law of thermodynamics, 'When one body comes in contact with another body they both reach Thermodynamic equilibrium."
Maduri, " That's a good one... Can we make it into a skit... It's like tango!"
Rashid, " You see you have to visualize it one body... And another body
Dash, " You two what if we sneak in the theater and do the play... I can call it E= MC square as the television. Thermodynamics in action... Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan....Tan tan...Fernando hide a way Ohh Lay... "
Maduri, " You guys are so crazy it's Hernando's Hideaway!"
" Just knock 3 x... Your're in! Hernando's hideaway!"

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